What You Should Know About the Cisco CCNA Security Certification

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The Cisco CCNA Security Certification can help you verify the specialized security skills that are in high demand among employers.Not sure if the CCNA Security certification is the right path for your career? Read on for information and resource links that will help in your decision making.

1) What Industry Trends Motivated Cisco to Create the CCNA Security Certification?

Cisco designed the CCNA Security certification to offer new IT professionals a fast path to specialization in security as well as to offer endured networking professionals a path to improving their careers with new security skills and knowledge. Security skills are one of the highest-demand areas in the networking job market. IT organizations need staff with the specialized skills and expertise to administer devices and applications in security infrastructure, recognize network vulnerabilities, and detect security threats.

2) What Do Employers Say About Their Requirements for People with This Type of Skill and Knowledge?

More than any other area, risk management, and security skills are some of the most highly sought after skills across the network, and demand is continuing to grow. Within five years, dedicated security roles are expected to exist in 80% of the companies studied versus today’s specific security role, which exists in only 46 percent of the companies surveyed.

3) Where Will the CCNA Security Certification Be the Most Relevant?

With the CCNA Security, you will be ready for specialized jobs such as network security specialist, security administrator, and security support engineer.

4) Is the CCNA Security Certification is the Right Path for you?

The choice to get a networking specialist or generalist path is a major career decision. Your interests, the jobs available in your area, and other factors will likely influence your choice.Your implied salary is another critical factor. Industry surveys show that IT specialists receive higher wages. indeed.com reports in a recent study that workers holding a Cisco CCNA certification had an average annual salary of nearly US$82,799.All of the CCNA Certifications help you to recognize yourself in the highly competitive world of IT networking. CCNA Security takes full benefit of your current CCNA certification as a foundation, while explicitly preparing you for new career possibilities in network security.CCNA remains the certification of choice for people who want to show a solid foundation in core routing and switching skills, and then later advance as network generalists.

5) Will the CCNA Security Certification Lead to Higher-Level Certifications?

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The CCNA Security certification is the prerequisite for the Cisco CCNP professional-level certification. A CCNP certification is an excellent preparation for attaining the highest Cisco security designation, the Cisco CCIE Security certification. However, the Cisco CCIE Security Certification has no prerequisites.

6) If I Already Have a CCNA Security Certification, What’s My Next Certification to Become a Security Specialist?

CCNP Security Certification will be your next Certification after CCNA Security to become a Security Specialist

7) Are there Any Prerequisites for the CCNA Security Certification?

You must hold a valid CCENT, CCNA Routing & Switching OR CCIE certification.

8) How Do I Practice for CCNA Security Certification?

Practice makes a man perfect; nwexam.com offers Networking certifications practice exams with structure, time limit and marking system same as real certification exam.nwexam's CCNA Security Certification Mock Test will help you to achieve your target score.

9) Is There Any Training Available for the CCNA Security Certification?

Training for all new CCNA Certifications is available through Cisco Learning Partners.Cisco Press offers similar products for each CCNA Certification. In addition to their best-selling exam certification guides, Cisco Press provides digital quick reference guides and other online materials to help you prepare for the CCNA Security exam.

10) Where Can I Get More Information About the CCNA Security Certification?

Technical requirements and information about the CCNA Security can be found here on the Cisco Learning Network.

Clearing the Certification isn’t considered to be that much easy, you have to go through rigorous training and lots of CCNP 350-801 Dumps would be needed to go through unless you have some expertise training courses like such offered at the ExamClubs.

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