What is the main cost of cloud computing?

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China’s cloud computing is a rapidly developing industry. The players in the industry are very fighting, and they also have a lot of people in Linyuan Madi. Regardless of the investor or major customer procurement, how to design, procurement, investment or supervision cloud computing, you need to see the assessment cost. In general, the cost of cloud computing is mainly divided into six large categories:

1. Hardware cost Hardware cost is mainly procurement server, switch And the cost of its components, the strength of the strong power will also purchase hardware load balancing and hardware storage, and the research major factory will also study the whole cabinet server. Small vendors can only use media price to buy servers, and larger procurement of thousands of servers once, can put the profit of the supplier to relatively low. 2. Cabinet cost Eastern cabinet cost is simple, electricity is a real resource, not falling a banknote to the ground. Buying electricity, the uninterruptible power supply requirements of IDC are equivalent to the ICU ward. Small Cloud service provider Basically, it is a 13-electric cabinet spend more than four or five thousand months; large cloud manufacturers are self-operated non-profit IDC, whole cabinet server, high efficiency heat dissipation system, although energy saving efficiency There is an ingredient that exaggerates boasted, but the cost is much lower than the small cloud manufacturer. 3. Network cost Network cost includes IP and bandwidth, rent a small segment IP is not expensive, but there may be no money to buy tens of thousand IPs. The bandwidth is Cloud computing the hard cost of operation, the superior manufacturer’s collection price advantage is also obvious, and large manufacturers can save money to save money. In addition, there are DDoS issues, IP segments are contaminated, ICP filing issues are also increasing network costs. 4. Idle Cost The huge procurement body will inevitably cause a large resource idle, suppose I purchase 200 cabinet servers at a time, then sell 50,000 virtual machines can make full use of hardware. Hardware is not depreciated from the end of the shelves, but the virtual machine can sell more so fast, but you can go online for 200 cabinets at any time, then you have also left a lot of wealth.
However, there have never been needed to make a planned estimate of the cabinet with a wide range of servers, and the resource estimance personnel of larger manufacturers may not be estimated enough, and they will not be a waste of resources. And small manufacturers have simple and estimated, even if there is not enough resources. Therefore, the idle cost is a thousand autumn, saying that it is not clear that the cost is lower. 5. Human cost To the company, high-paying technology talents can improve the company’s core competitiveness, and accelerate the speed of the product. If the salary doubles a technician, let a project online for half a year, or spend more than 2 million to hire a 5-person group, but the financing amount is 30 million, from the company’s perspective is not lost. The old generation manufacturers who have no VC funds support from the negative profits and losses are trying to turn cloud, but the employee is too low, and there is not too great to win in the battle! 6. Market Cost The cost of cloud computing companies is high, and the cost of the most fire Runtime is an example, according to informed people The 50% of the current startups in the industry is used in the company. When you open a variety of technical conferences every year, the ticket hotel will increase, a large number of second-hand selling conference, and a bustling scene. Whether it is a startup company or a large company’s cloud computing, you are not willing to burn this, but you will ignore your existence. Comprehensive assessment, the top three costs are a larger manufacturer to occupy a absolute advantage, but the cost difference between large manufacturers is not big, because the hardware price reduction discount is There is a bottom line, the country can get cheap servers, cabinets and bandwidth manufacturers must exceed ten. Enterprise customers are rational selection suppliers, and will not blindly stick to a platform, and the technical gap of all millions can be flattened sooner or later, and the big players in the market have the opportunity to insert footprint. Small vendors have focused on how to avoid positive competition in the top three, less lost or not lost in the top three, and then put on the time in the last three. First, the angels and a small manufacturer of the A-round, the founder is the founder of the industry. The BCD wheel’s small manufacturer grabs the posture of the people, the burning point salary quickly brushed out the product line and sales, and VC will be very happy. Small manufacturers can maintain flexible posture, holding professional team, and large vendors are too long because of the decision chain, and the last three are very easy to lose. Therefore, small manufacturers are not uncomfortable, and even better than in the past, because larger manufacturers have completed the work of cultivating market education customers, small manufacturers can have a lot of strategies under the current situation, brief description: Small Manufacturers can do private clouds, hardware cabinets and bandwidth costs to make customers to bear; small manufacturers can do public clouds in specific areas, and their short board can not significantly play other strengths; small manufacturers can directly use large manufacturers, such as some PaaS And the overseas nodes of SaaS manufacturers; small manufacturers can sell shares to larger vendors or big customers, or compose interest in the community with IDC, and so on.

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