What is MetaVerse, what can we do?

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With the momentum of the block chain, a new concept is once again docked again. One appearance becomes a darling of capital. With Facebook’s high-profile officials. Apple and other technological giants followed. MetaVerse concept instantly detonated the American continent, followed by domestic science and technology circles. Tencent, Ali, and bytes have the next layout MetaVerse.

First of all, let’s finish, what is the MetaVerse:

in the promotion, according to the latest Baidu Encyclopedia: This concept is from the 1992 science fiction (avalanche) MetaVerse is a huge The virtual reality world, people use digital avatars to control, and compete with each other to improve their position.

Capital publicity MetaVERSE definition: a world similar to the sci-fi movie “No. 5 Player”, here you only need to have a virtual identity image, can be a rock star or fashion model. At the same time, you can also exchange social society in MetaVerse, this must be ‘has an immersion.’ With low-delayed links, you can always go any time, any location. A large amount of differentiated content supports people’s long-term interests, safe and stable economic systems to ensure that people can live in MetaVerse. (Describe from the Roblox CEO Baszucki)

MetaVERSE implementation of the material foundation required: VR / AR, low delay (5G), artificial intelligence, private cloud computing.

vr / ar & amp; MR action virtual reality conversion interface, in MetaVerse will be an access to a metaverSe. The VR will be displayed in an initial generation.

Low time delay: Guarantee the synchronization and fairness of the virtual world, one but the data delay, fairness and fairness will be completely broken. Even with block chain technology to do data backup, it is impossible to make up for the loss and impact of delays.

Artificial intelligence: Existence in the form of Metaverse’s brain, serving players.

Private cloud computing: Store user personal data to ensure data absolute privacy and security.

We can do what we can do on the desired material basis:

Individuals believe that as non-built-in input can be invested by VR / Ar / MR. And private cloud computing.

VR / AR / MR acts as an access interface device, only needs to demonstrate MetaVerse’s world. Similar to the mouse keyboard, the input / output operation is performed. Just need to match the protocol. There will be large processing and differentiated spaces in appearance and performance and comfort.

Private cloud computing. Due to MetaverSe’s height Internet features, personal data security and privacy. Will be the most important ring in the universe. And highly personalized technology and artificial intelligence can be highly personalized and artificial intelligence. It is not possible to be a non-standardized existence. And the technical threshold is relatively high. So it is not suitable for general investment.

In short, MetaVerse is resistant and long. No money, do not.

Personal understanding of a small leeks

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