What is CWNA- Course Information You Should Know for your Business

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Businesses and organizations everywhere can hardly expect to be effective these days without access to the services of a wireless networking administrator. Whether contracted labor or a full-time employee, the wireless networking administrator’s skill levels can generally be measured by the types of certifications earned.

Wireless networking professionals are in greater demand every year. A business owner who relies on a well-trained team with wireless networking administrators needs them to have a deep knowledge of their field, and to be up to date on the latest technology. Certification is a proven way to assure that this happens, and it starts with the wireless network administrator certification, or CWNA.

The CWNA is the ground floor of wireless networking certification, but your team members will need it to get started so they can take other exams as they work toward the Certified Wireless Networking Professional level.

Why Individuals Need the CWNA

For those seeking work in or hoping to break into the wireless networking administration field, a CWNA can open the door. Chances are a CWNA-certified job seeker will have an easier time of getting a job in wireless networking administration than the non-certified prospect. Certainly, the job seeker with the CWNA will take a place at the head of the list for recruiters.

What’s more, a CWNA makes the holder part of an elite team, which in turn leads to more interaction among other CWNPs. Collaboration with other professionals on projects leads to the sharing of knowledge and the creation of more opportunities to promote learning and improvement of skills.

These days, obtaining certifications is a well-regarded tactic for advancing professional development and attaining promotions.

What an Employee’s CWNA Means for the Business Owner

But for the business owner or organization manager, having team members on board with wireless network administration abilities means the business will run smoother, with quicker response time in emergencies. Other employees will experience less stress, knowing the CWNA team is well able to respond to a glitch or a breakdown. Other departments have the assurance they’ll be up and running sooner — losing less money and avoiding downtime, and perhaps having to make fewer explanations to impatient clients.

A certified wireless network administrator is part of a group of technologically advanced professionals with specialized and highly marketable skills. As you build your team of wireless network pros, you can market your business as a leader in this area, stressing how this skill improves and enhances the services you can offer your clients and customers.

Obtaining certifications can help an organization fulfill requirements for a specific number of employees. The presence of certified employees can boost a company’s business, particularly when contracts call for hiring companies with certified employees.

Often, manufacturing and vendor companies will require a specific quota of certified professionals in an organization so that they can maintain a partner program relationship. CWNAs thus add value, not only to their own career growth and development, but to the well-being of the company. Maintaining a certain number of CWNAs can be a way to assure new contracts and the ability to attract new business.

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Further, encouraging employees to obtain this type of certification shows that the business owner has made an investment in the employee, and that employee may in turn be more inclined to remain with the organization. The more experienced the employee, the more they will have to offer and the more return on investment you’ll receive for sponsoring their certifications.

Obtaining the CWNA

Enrolling employees in a course where they can get training in wireless network technology administration is the shortest route to certification.

In most schools, the CWNA certification is considered the foundation-level Wi-Fi certification for a total Certified Wireless Networking Professional program. This certification validates skills to successfully survey, install, and administer enterprise Wi-Fi networks.

Certificates are valid for up to three years; they will then retake the test and become recertified.

Training encompasses such topics as these:

  • Administration and security of Wi-Fi networks
  • Troubleshooting for wireless LAN security
  • Conducting site surveys
  • Designing, installing, and managing new networks
  • RF (radio frequency technologies)
  • Working with Wi-Fi antennas
  • Learning the 802.11 networking system
  • Software, hardware in wireless LAN
  • Organizations, standards for wireless networks

The certification exam measures skills and knowledge that experts and professionals have deemed the standard for the discipline.

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