What factors affect the quality of metal etching?

The metal etching papercraft knife mold is a die for punching products. The stainless steel etching papercraft knife mold process will not change the physical properties of the metal machining material such as hardness, strength, and formability. So do you know what factors will affect the quality of papercraft die?

knife mold steel: the quality of the steel used in the knife mold has a direct impact on the quality of the knife mold. Good steel is different in terms of rigidity and durability. SK-5 steel is used for etching knife mold.

Machining Metal Parts equipment: Engraving knife molds and etching knife molds are mainly processed by CNC. The accuracy and speed of the equipment and equipment maintenance are particularly important.

Technical strength: If the first two links are completed and the technical strength of die planning and manufacturing is good, the quality of die die will be much improved.

Quality Control: Excellent knife molds are produced under strict quality control. If the die is found to be defective in the quality stage, it can only be discarded, and there is no point of repair.

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