What does Microsoft Mesh mean about XR ecology?

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Exterior, because the LBS game needs to collect material, you have to gather together, it is basically the favorite of new crown viruses. After Minecraft Earth launched, he just hit a new championship, and now I have announced closing the game and operate it to June this year. Do not rule out Microsoft to acquire some similar applications after the epidemic, to expand Azure this use (see the previous cloud manufacturers trying to acquire Tiktok US business logic). To say, the two companies that are mentally harmful to the MR release of the Microsoft Ignite Conference should be the Japanese Hololab and Http://spatial.io of New York, USA. The former is because of the names of might, the Microsoft customers who came to the stage got the same name Hololab – attracted the vomiting of the inner village, of course, this did not physically harm. For http://spatial.io, it may be devastating blow. We don’t know if there is any trading behind it, but the features provided by Microsoft Mesh basically take them the future business model and scene one. Disappeared. This is also why we often say that you should not invest in a platform underlying ability, unless you have already booked your home, or have a honesty, or have patented protection, or you have reached a certain level in professional segment market share. .

The problem is coming ~ Guess which one is http://spatial.io? Which one is Microsoft Mesh?

Uncertainty Factors

I said that there is so much on the meaning of the ecology, and I can’t say that the uncertainty of some segment services in the XR cloud industry.

    VR is really a rigid demand? So far, whether it is Facebook, Microsoft or VR meeting feature made by Virbela is exhausted, very taking off his fart, whether it is from the user experience angle or practical perspective, people feel desperate Even more comfortable to see the words on the PPT have become a matter of skill. In contrast, the AR angle is more reasonable, Microsoft and various manufacturers should focus on reliable scenes.

    The artistic style and traditional video conferences that are virtualist even cannot accept . If you can’t change this, this is still a function of your fart.

    The service interface needs to be sealed? What level ? The seal too high-level is too special, there will be Vendor lock issues. If there is no corresponding solution in private clouds, there is a non-public cloud scene, software developers will not use this service.

    The cloud GPU computing resource is too expensive , ROI perspective, in short-term comparison, rendering, rendering, the needs of this part.

    The above issues can be solved over time, some may be pseudo demand, or the current technology can basically pass. Of course, the year of birth, I think we will still see the full digital world and the fusion of the real world, the next ten years is the key.

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