What are the applications of artificial intelligence in life?

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Artificial intelligence believes that everyone is not strange, most people think that artificial intelligence is humanoid AI, IQ is high, replace human beings in the future, but most people don’t understand, we have a lot of artificial intelligence around us. Application, today Xiaobian gives you a brief introduction to artificial intelligence that can be seen everywhere.

1. Sweeping robot

Sweeping robot is currently very popular in life, the predecessor of the sweeping robot is actually a vacuum cleaner, equipped with an electric exhaust fan, and the vacuum cleaner is formed inside the vacuum cleaner In an instantaneous vacuum, the internal air pressure is much lower than the external air pressure, under differential pressure, and the garbage will enter the vacuum cleaner in the vacank of air. Over time, on the basis of the vacuum cleaner, the intelligent navigation system is added: the gyro navigation, laser navigation, visual navigation, solves the phenomenon of the sweeping robot, so that the sweeping robot is more intelligent in life, and the feeling is better .

Second, smartphone

smartphones specifically refers to a personal computer, with an independent operating system, stand-alone run space, you can install software, games, navigation, etc. Program, and you can implement the general name of the type of mobile phone accessible by the mobile communication network.

Nowadays, more people are used to using the face ID unlock, pick up the phone to see if you can unlock the screen, you need to enter your password before you need to enter how many times, this unlocking method is to use a biological Identification Technology – Face Identification. Therefore, in fact, we are using artificial intelligence technology every day.

Over time, the smartphone unlocks from the beginning, and now the fingerprint unlocked, the face id is unlocked, which proves the development of artificial intelligence technology in the rapid development.

three, voice assistant

Using voice assistants should be the number of taxi drivers. Map software is installed in each taxi master, and passengers tell the driver to go to the location, the driver master will go to the map, you can enter the location you want to go, you may need typing in the past few years, with today A few years of development can be directly entered, navigation is getting more accurate, these tools are used by natural language processing and AI-driven generators to return to you.

In addition to the voice assistant of the mobile phone, there are now more and more smart speakers on the market, and it is also implemented by artificial intelligence. For example, Tmall Elf, Xiaomi’s intelligent control equipment. Xiaomi’s smart air conditioner, smart curtains, can achieve voice control through Xiaomi’s intelligent control, liberate your hands.

four, intelligent logistics robot

I have to mention the Group of Alibaba. At the Yunqi Conference held on September 17, 20th, Alibaba released the first robot “Xiaoban” and issued a robot platform. Last year’s double eleven, Alibaba put into use of logistics robots in Zhejiang University. Zhejiang University Zijingang Campus, 70,000 teachers and student employees, expected 300,000 packages, unified by 22 logistics robots. Xiaobai was developed by the Alibaba Tham Terminal, which is the first logistics robot in Alibaba, integrated with the cutting-edge artificial intelligence and automatic driving technology of the Dama Academy. It has a cognitive intelligence. The brain stress response speed reaches human 7 Multiplier.

Little 小充 12 degree electricity can run more than 100 kilometers, you can send up to 500 express, thunderstorm lightning, high temperature rain, snow, and garage, tunnel, etc., will not affect its performance and reach The perception algorithm of the Tuological Self-research allows the robot to identify the centimeter level obstacles, the high-precision positioning algorithm allows the robot to achieve a cm position in the GPS environment, and the intent prediction algorithm gives the robot super integrated graphical identification ability. It can only discriminate more than 100 pedestrians and vehicles in 0.01 seconds, and the robots also have five-security design such as brain decision, small brain redundancy, abnormal detection brakes, and ensure maximum safety performance.

Alibaba has been registered to establish a small barbarian intelligent technology company, promote the R & D and massive production of robots, will soon use large-scale use of the community, school and office park.

Some communities, schools, office parks are more strict, and do not allow couriers to enter, can only put express delivery to the corresponding storage point, with online shopping is getting more popular, some temporary storage points have begun. The birth of the charging service, the birth of logistics robots can not only solve the problem that courier can’t enter, but also help customers save the cost of saving express delivery.

5, smart cars

Smart car is an advanced sensor (radar, video), controller, actuator, etc., by car sensor, based on ordinary vehicles. The system and information terminals realize intelligent information exchange with people, cars, roads, etc., enabling vehicles with intelligent environmental perception capability, automatically analyzing the safety and dangerous state of vehicles driving, and enables the vehicle to reach the destination according to people, and finally realize The purpose of alternatives to operate.

Smart car makes a high-tech car that are developing, this car does not need people to drive, unhaly smart vehicles will be an important sign of the development of automotive technology in the new century. I believe that we can enjoy the style of smart cars in the future.

With the popularity of artificial intelligence, bring more and more convenient to our lives, from the beginning, the artificial sweep will be swept away, develop the vacuum cleaner, progress from the vacuum cleaner to the present Intelligent sweeping robot. Developed from traditional buttons to touch screen phones, now with voice controlled mobile phones, and even voice control installed smart systems, curtains, air conditioners, as long as a sentence can achieve the purpose you want, artificial intelligence is increasingly Many appears in life, bring convenience.

often said before, the bad weather should not take some takeaway, this problem can also be solved by artificial intelligence, and logistics robots can solve this problem very well. Although there are still some problems, as technology development, it is believed that it can be solved.

Now more and more companies participate in research and development of smart cars, relevant laws, and regulations began to introduce, smart vehicles have gradually emerged in the public vision, the country actively promotes the construction of the intelligent network automotive test demonstration zone, has posted Including Beijing, Hebei, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jilin (Changchun) and other national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, authorized to display demonstration zone. I believe that in the near future, unmanned smart cars will become more common.

Artificial intelligence is not so terrible, do not have to worry about the future will replace human beings, they just give us a convenience, improve life, and we can see everywhere in life. Artificial intelligence shadow, I hope everyone can treat artificial intelligence with the correct attitude!

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