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Beijing Haowai Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise that is based on data center intelligent operation and maintenance, asset management, IT infrastructure management, etc., specializes in providing IT intelligent management overall solutions.

Heli is committed to providing “one-stop” IT information overall solution for all kinds of enterprises and institutions. Solution covers multiple industries and fields such as government, military, education, medical, and scientific research. The company’s services mainly include intelligent operation and maintenance, IT consulting consultants, data center construction, corporate cloud platform construction, enterprise application system development and large data platform construction.

The HYDO intelligent operation and main data management platform, which has independently developed, can realize centralized management, real-time monitoring, intelligent optimization and safe operation of large-scale data centers.

Through real-time monitoring of servers, storage, network, security, power, environment and other equipment and application services of local and off-site data center, HYDO intelligent operation and main data management platform can accurately collect monitoring Data, analyze fault information, judgment important data performance indicators, automatically trigger preventive warning, automatic fault, simultaneous data analysis, calculation and presentation, providing scientific and reasonable decision-making basis to IT management and operators, ensuring large scale data The central computer room and network are stable, safe and efficient.

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[Beijing Haowai Weiye Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise with data center intelligent transport and IT overall solutions as the core business.

HYDO intelligent operation and main data management platform, through real-time monitoring, accurate collection, analysis of the server, storage, network, engine ring, and application, etc., judgment Important Data Performance Indicators to achieve centralized unified management of large-scale data centers. ]

Let the operation and maintenance are more simple data safer

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