Ubuntu Server Administration for Beginners Training Course Launched

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Recently, our revered community had many requests for a better and comprehensive training course in Ubuntu Server administration. So, we have come up with the Ubuntu Server administration for beginners training course for every aspiring Ubuntu learner.

The functionalities of Ubuntu Server as a server operating system and its compatibility with almost any type of hardware or virtualization platform are its foremost strengths. Furthermore, Ubuntu Server is also open source and draws contributions from many open-source programmers worldwide.

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Learning Ubuntu Administration can be a perfect alternative for getting started with Linux. So, we have come up with a perfectly curated training course, which covers all basic concepts of Ubuntu Server administration in the simplest way possible.

Let us point out the important details of our new Ubuntu training course for beginners in the following discussion. In addition, you can reflect on the ways in which our new course can help you learn about Ubuntu Server administration.

Importance of Ubuntu Server

First of all, let us reflect on the importance of Ubuntu Server before we start reflecting on the details of our new course. Ubuntu Server, being an open-source platform, can serve as an internal company server and also scale accordingly to address enterprise-level requirements. You can use the Ubuntu operating system for serving up file shares, containers and websites.

In addition, it can also support an enterprise in the expansion of its offerings along with a formidable cloud presence. Our Ubuntu Server administration for beginners online course helps you uncover these functionalities and understand their practical applications. Ubuntu Server is not only effective in working with the cloud but also has a promising application used throughout the cloud.

Therefore Ubuntu Server is basically the ideal cost-effective server solution for small and medium-sized businesses. As a matter of fact, around 37% of the global websites are powered by Linux, and almost 36% of them work on Ubuntu. So, it is most likely that you would need Ubuntu Server for delivering cloud-based websites.

With that much being said about Ubuntu Server, you should also try to look into the important features of our new Ubuntu Server administration for beginners training course.

Whizlabs Ubuntu Server Administration Training Course

One of the first things about Ubuntu Server is the need for practical insights for learners to understand it perfectly. Therefore, our course designers and subject matter experts have invested adequate efforts in the creation of the Ubuntu Server administration training course.

So, you could find exceptional features in the new Whizlabs Ubuntu Server administration for beginners training course to support your learning effectively. Here is an outline of the features that you can get with our new online training course for Ubuntu Server.

  • More than 4 hours of training videos.
  • Thorough coverage of all topics pertaining to the fundamentals of Ubuntu Server.
  • Total of 17 highly engaging and interactive lectures.
  • Assurance of support by subject matter experts.
  • Guaranteed unlimited access to the course.
  • Supports major device platforms used nowadays such as Android, iOS, PC, and Mac devices.

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Topics Covered in the Course

Now, readers must be eager to find out the different topics that we cover with the new Ubuntu Server Administration for beginners training courses. Our subject matters have singled out the most important aspects of the Ubuntu Server administration for designing this new training course.

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As a result, you can find distinct chapters covering some of the critical features and functionalities in Ubuntu Server. Here is an outline of the different chapters that you can find in the new Whizlabs Ubuntu Server administration training course.

  • Introduction to the course.
  • Introduction to Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu Server installation.
  • Emulators, VMs, and Cloud.
  • Stacks and containers.
  • Linux file system.
  • User management.
  • Shell and command line.
  • System management and security.
  • Webservers.

In addition to the above-mentioned chapters, you can also find seven different demo chapters in our new training course. The demo chapters can help in discovering all the practical insights regarding the use of Ubuntu Server.

How Can the Whizlabs Ubuntu Server Administration Training Course Help You?

So, now the next important concern for learners must be the ways in which the new Ubuntu Server administration for beginners training course can help them. Therefore, it is important that you look at the new Ubuntu Server administration training course from an in-depth perspective. Let us outline the different ways in which our course can help you learn about the basics of Ubuntu Server administration efficiently.

  • Convenience of Learning

The Whizlabs Ubuntu Server administration for beginners training course is accessible to learners on a wide range of devices. In addition, you should not forget the ‘unlimited’ feature on our training course. That clearly means you can access the course anytime, anywhere you want. Just use your credentials and access the course on your device.

With the availability of the internet and the advancements in mobile technology enable the facility of learning at your convenience. As a result, you would not face any sort of restrictions on your learning with the new Whizlabs training course. Most important of all, you can adjust your learning schedule according to your preferences without compromising on any particular topic.

  • Comprehensive Coverage of All Topics in Interactive Videos

The Whizlabs Ubuntu Server Administration training course covers all important topics related to Ubuntu Server. Interestingly, the chapters dedicated to each topic in the Ubuntu Server administration have durations less than 15 minutes. Furthermore, the instructors in the training course make every chapter interactive and appealing for the learners.

As a result, you can also address any issues regarding the lack of time for learning Ubuntu Server administration. Learners could use aptly timed training videos to obtain the desired learning outcomes amidst their professional and personal responsibilities.

  • Demo Videos Improve Your Practical Knowledge

The facility of demonstration videos in the Ubuntu Server administration for beginners training course is another prolific factor for learners. Our course designers believe that learning Ubuntu Server administration depends largely on practical understanding.

Therefore, you can leverage the demonstration videos to obtain a hands-on understanding of different tasks in Ubuntu Server administration. As a result, you can ensure that you have a comprehensive learning experience and understand the practical implementations of Ubuntu Server.

  • Moneyback Guarantee

The next important aspect in our training course is the facility of the assurance of a 100% moneyback guarantee. The most critical aspect of the moneyback guarantee is that it is completely unconditional. Therefore, you can get your money refunded back in total without any questions asked, if you are not able to learn Ubuntu Server administration.

  • Support of Experts

Finally, you can find the best option for supporting your learning journey with the help of our subject matter expert support. Learners can clear their doubts regarding the course with the help of subject matter experts. As a result, you would not face any blockages in your learning journey. The experience and skills of our subject matter experts can come in handy for learners to clarify all their doubts.

Want to know more about the Ubuntu Server or the training course? Submit your questions in the Whizlabs Forum and get answers from the experts.

Are You Ready to Learn Ubuntu Server Administration?

So, get ready to learn the fundamentals of Ubuntu Server administration with our new training course. The Whizlabs Ubuntu Server Administration training course can help you establish the foundation for future Linux certifications. You can establish your career as a competent Ubuntu Server Administrator with the outcomes of our training course.

However, you should also depend on practice tests for evaluating your learning outcomes from this training course. In addition, you should also devote your commitment and dedication to obtain the desired outcomes from this course. Every learner should maintain accountability for the training course for ensuring the best results. Register now for learning Ubuntu Server Administration effectively!?

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