Twenty issues to pay attention to during CNC machining

cnc machining process
cnc machining process
1. It is forbidden to touch the tip of the knife and iron filings with your hands.
2. Do not touch the rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts by hand or in any other way.
3. It is forbidden to measure and change the speed during CNC machining, let alone use cotton to wipe the workpiece, or clean the machine.
4. During the operation of the lathe, the operator must not leave the post. The cnc machine tool should stop immediately when it finds an abnormal phenomenon.
5, often check the bearing temperature, when too high, you should find relevant personnel to check.
6. It is not allowed to open the protective door of the machine tool during CNC machining.
7. Strictly abide by the post responsibility system, the machine tool is used by a special person, and the use of others must be approved by me.
8. When the workpiece extends beyond 100mm of the lathe, a protective object must be provided at the extended position.
9. Students must operate when the operation steps are completely clear. Ask the teacher immediately when they encounter problems. It is forbidden to perform tentative operations without knowing the procedures. If there is an abnormality in the machine tool during operation, they must immediately report to the instructor.
10. During manual origin return, pay attention to that the position of each axis of the machine tool must be more than -100mm from the origin. The machine tool origin return order is: first + X axis, then + Z axis.
11. When using the handwheel or rapid movement to move the position of each axis, be sure to see the “+,-” signs in each direction of the X and Z axes of the machine tool before moving. When moving, first slowly turn the handwheel to observe that the machine tool moves in the correct direction before speeding up the movement.
12. After the students have finished programming or inputting the program into the machine tool, they must perform graphic simulation first, and then carry out the test run of the machine tool after being accurate, and the tool should be more than 200 mm away from the end face of the workpiece.
13. Note on program operation:
(1) The tool setting should be accurate and the tool compensation number should be consistent with the program call tool number.
(2) Check whether the positions of the function keys of the machine tool are correct.
(3) The cursor should be placed on the main program head.
(4) Fill with an appropriate amount of coolant.
(5) The standing position should be appropriate. When starting the program, the right hand should be prepared to press the stop button. When the cnc machining program is running, the hand cannot leave the stop button.
14. Carefully observe the cutting and cooling conditions during CNC machining to ensure the normal operation of the machine tool and the tool and the quality of the workpiece. And close the protective door to prevent iron filings and lubricating oil from flying out.
15. When it is necessary to pause the measurement of the workpiece size during the program operation, the standby bed must be completely stopped and the spindle can be measured before the spindle is stopped to avoid personal accidents.
16. When shutting down, wait for the spindle to stop for 3 minutes before shutting down.
17. It is forbidden to open the electrical box without permission.
18. Each manual lubrication point must be lubricated according to the instructions.
19. The key to modify the program should be pulled out immediately after the program is adjusted to avoid unintentional changes to the program.
20. If the machine tool is not used for several days, the NC and CRT parts should be powered on for 2-3 hours every other day.

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