The cloud computing is the case, never changed

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The pattern of clouds has never changed

Welcome to the cloud computing giant!

The Internet is 10 years, and the long river across the history is coming today. An era has a period of tone, “Open Source Is Eating The World” Sound of Open Source Is Eating The World, a new era is not coming. The strongest sound of this era called cloud computing.

Traditional enterprise digital transformation, building digital economy, comprehensive cloud trend, artificial intelligence technology requires a lot of force support, these times need to be interlaced together, arouse the cloud computing wave of the group.

In 2017, during the year, the cloud computing market can be described as a hundred flowers, the “cloud” of major manufacturers, and all kinds of products, you sing me. If you go to the booth area of ??the online conference held in the technical community in the two years, the sponsor’s backplane will visit, you will be very intuitive, “mortal drinking water, all cloud computing”.

Time to move, the technical nouns of media hype is no longer cloud computing, or artificial intelligence, or block chain, but behind these new traffic, you can always see cloud computing The base of the infrastructure supports the base of the Internet. But in different, cloud computing players group, less.

In a short period of time, I saw the US Group Cloud and Suning Yun successively announced the closure of the public cloud business. This is a non-small water flower in China’s public cloud market, but from the entire market Also just a water flower.

The “Matthew effect” of the cloud computing market continues to highlight, in this infrastructure, technology accumulation, ecotropic construction, funds into the lack of track, the market share continues to concentrate on the head enterprise. The “China Public Cloud Service Market (2019) Tracking” report is shown that China’s public cloud service overall market scale (IaaS / PaaS / SaaS) in the first half of 2019 reached 5420 million US dollars, and public cloud market concentration further improved, ranking The top 10 manufacturers have currently occupying more than 90% of the market share. Look at the world, from 2017, the global cloud computing market forms a 3A pattern (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Ali Cloud), and currently 3A occupies nearly 70% of the market.

Under this group of groups, the headers are getting better and better in the end of the domestic or global environment. According to the British research institutions, the Alibaba Cloud rings in China’s public cloud market in the Q4 quarter of 2019 have also risen again, from 45% to 46.4%, and take a solid step toward the “half-waters”. In the US market, Amazon has not been subject to the substantive threat from Microsoft, and Microsoft and a $ 10 billion contract of the Pentagon are also emerged.

The world of cloud is like this, the new metabolism of the middle and tail manufacturers quickly, and the head manufacturer is stable.

What kind of cloud service is there?

To demonstrate such a problem, let’s take a look at the law of history.

2002, cloud computing Kaishan Nasal Amazon has launched Amazon Web Service for the first time, which is now a famous AWS. At that time, no one knows what the cloud computing is, what will be changed. In 2006, AWS launched an elastic compute cloud / EC2. In the same year, Google CEO Eric Schmidt put forward the concept of “Cloud Computing) in the search engine conference. The cloud computing is formally appeared as a noun concept, and cloud computing has also opened a rapid change as a technology model.

In the 10-year history of cloud computing, a “wonderful” called OpenStack appeared. Its wonder is that it is an open source cloud computing platform. Behind it, standing is Rackspace and NASA, the latter this “Unsupported” NASA has smashed a lot of funds in the cloud computing. Later, suddenly, I wake up, I shouldn’t be what I did, so I with Rackspace. Open source code, that is, the current OpenStack platform.

Today, OpenStack has gone through a decade, and it has also been sang the faded decisive when the glory is frequent, and even NASA also discards it to choose AWS. It is fundamentally, nothing more than an open source method is not possible to form a scale effect. The world’s top five cloud manufacturers, from Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google GCP, etc. are self-developed.

Why is it self-study?

The reason is simple, giant companies need complete autonomous control, in order to be unable to hold in the fierce market competition. There are usually two roads outside the study cloud, and these two roads have their own drawbacks:

    One is to cooperate with traditional database companies such as Oracle, but also open business and data, and Unable to adapt to the fast iteration of Internet companies, continuous delivery, research and development model, and operation and maintenance needs.

    The second is to choose an open source program, but different open source programs apply only to specific business scenes, and the open source communities behind them are also “each war”, and the technical direction is not unified.

    Many companies understand the advantages of self-study cloud, but because various costs and risk choices are difficult to take a key step. There are only these head cloud vendors, there is enough capital investment, technical strength and risk tolerance to do this to build a complete self-research cloud from the bottom. Domestic market, currently only Ali Cloud has self-developed cloud operation system, other clouds are open source modifications.

    In addition to the self-research of the software level, the hardware level is the same. Amazon, Google, Ali is also launched a self-research work of the chip and server, so that the bottom-level hardware capabilities are perfectly adapted to the upper software demand and improve their core competitiveness.

    Cloud computing this circle, the spell is not just the technology, the gap on the technical level is not enough to become the only evaluation standard for the purchase of cloud services. It is necessary to consider behind this, there are many features such as product integrity, service capabilities, community ecology, brand operations. Among them, the integrity of the product is also the core issue of market attention.

    In the integrity of the product, Amazon and Ali Cloud have the most complete series. After entering the cloud, the basic needs can be met, generally will not replace other clouds. Further, Alibaba has been fully launched by the core system in 2019, and the first “Cloud Double 11”. This word of mouth, the influence of the promotion effect can be said to be the killer level. The back of this is the confidence of the cloud giants released to the industry: I am also on the cloud, my cloud can meet my massive data, business appeals, what are you waiting for?

    The epidemic is pressed, while the acceleration key

    historical opportunities is always inadvertent. The new crown epidemic is in order to press the suspension of the world, but the acceleration key is pressed to some industries.

    There is data indicating that China’s 90% manufacturing plants did not realize digital management, and the market scale of industrial Internet did not have head enterprises, best practices, but because of epidemic, factory shutdown, manufacturing Industry is stagnant. Behind this, it is necessary to empower the cloud computing.

    China’s online education has always been in a state of fire, under this black swan incident, school discontinued, the teaching gear is closed, so that the learning scene is forced to turn to the line, but also let The development process in the online education industry is greatly advanced. The nail spikes are in front of high-concurrent traffic, and the investors take the initiative to contact online education entrepreneurs, and there is no way to ushered in this industry. After this back, it is necessary to support the support of cloud computing.

    Whether it is a traditional enterprise digital transformation, or the national construction of digital economy, or the new infrastructure, industry internet concept, and there is less than a cloud computation that has become water and electricity.

    Defeat Nokia will not be another Nokia, the history of history tells us that the landscape of cloud computing has been formed, and the four super clouds will be divided into more than 75% of the world’s market share. They are self-developed clouds. They are complete clouds. They are a cloud with a perfect combination with the industry.

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