The 43 Folder System And The Project Management

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The competent project managers have to manage the project at every stage of the project delivery. There are various project management methodologies used by the project managers for delivering the projects successfully. The project management methodologies are process centric, which results in great quantities of project documentation. The project management is about delivering the business objectives and not about producing bundles of documents. These traditional heavy weight methods are now being replaced with more agile methods.

The 43 Folder System is the storage device delivery system. This system is used for ascending papers that need to be delivered on time. It gets its name from 31 Days + 12 Months, which equals to 43 Folders. The specific information for a particular day is filed and carried within an indexed system for each day. This 43 Folder System is very useful for the projects throughout the year.

The 43 Folder System is a sequential delivery system for paper based information, which consists of 12 months folders, marked from January till December as? well as 31 other folders, marked from 1 to 31. The greatest advantage of 43 Folder System is its ability to index the specific information effectively without the need of 365 days folders individually. This helps in keeping the data in a systematic way because every information is to be correctly and carefully matched with the label in the indexed folder.

A good idea is to begin the year with an idea of a project month, schedule of the projects for the whole year and no other projects in that season. However, there can be flexibility in this concept and some of the scheduled projects can be delayed or urgent steps can be taken in the preparation for the other projects for the month. The change in the project plan is an exceptional case, when falling behind the timeline and the project plan B can be chosen instead of action plan A.

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The end of the year, will show the number of successful projects throughout the year, which is the major business concerns. Initially, you may find that you have started off the year accomplishing all the projects planned. However, you may realize that there are a few projects which may result in a loss for the business or least necessary for that year. Some projects which are profitable and not considered in the project plan, the project plan can be are redefined for that year, as well as you eliminate those projects which are insignificant for the business in that particular year, and consider the project in the next year project plan. The 43 Folder System is most useful in defining the projects. Monthly folders defined helps in accomplishing the yearly projects well. The 43 Folder System consists of the 12 major month folders – January to December, and 9 significant projects for the year was planned. For example, in the mid of September, you still have 4 month’s projects to be completed by the end of December. You have would focus on completing the project plans for the remaining year. You leave the project planned for October and pick up the project, which looks bigger than the month and put it in the October folder. Since, you have time in October and you would take the project you left in October once the bigger project is done. Any remaining time of the year could be used for the yearly projects and can be completed in the similar manner, by reviewing the project folders.

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