Security Gazing into the year 2020!

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The New Year is already upon us but who can forget the Capital Data breach, the Canva hack and the various ransomware incidents that shook the various organizations the past year? With so many hacks and attacks in 2019, what can we expect from 2020? Read on to see some of our predictions!

  1. Ransomware attacks:

Each New Year and decade is just a continuation of the previous year and the cyber security attacks might follow a similar trajectory at least for the initial part of the New Year.

Louisiana, Florida, Maryland and Massachussets were some of the US states that were hit by ransomware attacks the past year(Source: ?US counties and cities were forced to pay close to $176 million dollars either as ransom money or they spent that money to resurrect their infrastructure.

Keeping that in mind, it is quite a possibility that ransomware attacks might adorn much more difficult avatars and become extra fierce in the coming year.

  1. 5G and Security issues:

The subsequent rollout of 5G wireless technology throughout the world and the adoption, trial and testing of this new high speed technology will definitely give rise to new security challenges this year.

5G networks give an average of 10 times enhanced speed than 4G networks and this speed is definitely a user and hacker’s delight! While user’s revel in downloading at a faster speed, hackers are bound to think of the same speed for malicious purposes.

While 5G itself is supposed to offer much more robust security features such as better encryption of data and better verification of users, IoT devices making use of 5G networks might be a weak link. IoT devices can be found in smart homes, baby monitors, automobiles, medical devices to name a few of the places.

Any new technology will be the target for hackers and these IoT devices with enhanced 5G speeds will be no exception. The risks associated with these IoT devices making use of this new 5G wireless technology will definitely unfold and evolve as it is being used in the coming year. IoT devices making use of 5G networks will definitely need stronger authentication processes to restrict cyber attacks.

  1. Cloud security issues:

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Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft have all been victims of some sort of cloud data breaches. Even as cloud adoption is increasing by the day for different organizations, cloud security issues will continue to rise in the year 2020 and beyond as hackers try and permeate through the cloud layers and steal precious data.

Analysis of the ‘Capital One’ Data Breach

  1. AI and Cybersecurity:

Artificial intelligence’ is another area which is growing by leaps and bounds every day. Whether it is Siri, Alexa, spam filters or smart searches, the power of AI can be found all around us.

AI in cyber security enables security professionals to detect threats much earlier and mitigate them as quickly as possible. On the other hand, hackers can also wield the same power of AI to breach systems. This trend will surely continue into the New Year and beyond…

We have seen a small number of trends that might affect organizations on the cyber security front. It is a sure bet that as technologies evolve hacking methods and strategies will continue to sprout and it is up to the organizations to stay ahead of them.

Here’s to a cyber crime free year and decade!!

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