The Development Trend of Standing Pouch Packaging

Standing pouch packaging is a form of packaging with a horizontal structure at the bottom that stands on its own. Widely used in food packaging, beverage packaging, industrial packaging, daily necessities packaging, cosmetic packaging and so on.

An important reason why the self-supporting bag can quickly become popular is that it meets the consumer psychology and consumer requirements. Standing pouch packaging is small and exquisite, easy to carry, does not occupy space, is light and easy to carry, does not want to bottle and cans, and takes up a large amount of space. Therefore, stand-up pouches often replace the packaging form of plastic bottles and cans.

The development trend of standing pouch packaging

Stand-up pouches are a popular late-package based on food protection, improving product appeal, and promoting product sales. This will indicate that standing pouch packaging will be more widely used in the future as they are adapted to different applications. Stand-up pouches are mainly used to package liquid or paste products. Stand-up pouches are a real threat to bottles and cans. Multiple growth factors (reported to exceed $33 billion by 2020) indicate that their use as packaging technology will have a positive impact on our lives.

The advantages of standing pouch packaging are mainly in the following aspects: the bag is lighter and takes up less storage space; they provide a larger printing area, increase brand awareness, and can be used as a high-barrier container to store perishable food. Or convenient to store ready-to-eat food. The use of accessories such as resealable zippers or nozzles has even broadened the potential of their applications. The conventional composite structure, that is, a thick PE film composed of a laminate, is bonded to a back-faced BOPET or POPA substrate.

The development trend of standing pouch packaging

The good news about stand-up pouch packaging is that the new trend is that the current different specifications of polyethylene in the chemical industry can be completely recycled.

Stand-up pouch packaging is considered to be the most widely used form of packaging compared to other packaging containers. Self-supporting bags in soft plastic containers are very convenient for shoppers: there will be no squeaking of bottles and cans, shopping bags will not be broken by hard packaging, and the requirements for convenience are almost crazy. Etc., making stand-up pouches are considered the best packaging solution to solve these problems. The current standing pouch packaging technology can already achieve many dreams, which is a perfect market opportunity for soft plastic manufacturers.

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My Oracle OCM certification experience

I got the OCP certificate and continued to look at new job opportunities. I was fortunate enough to enter a well-known Oracle service company in China. I quickly found that my previous DBA experience was nothing. Many colleagues have high technical level. OCM certification is also abound. At that time, I wanted to take a test of an OCM, but when I learned that before the test companies can reimburse most of the expenses, and now there is no such incentive policy, my heart is still somewhat small, because after all, OCM test related costs It is not expensive, nor is it particularly necessary. It will give up the idea. After all, certificates are generally only a stepping stone. Everyone is doing this. If they have been in contact for a long time, they will understand each other and do not need a certificate to prove anything. In particular, the rapid development of domestic training institutions has led to the saying that OCM is bad.

In a blink of an eye, two years later, I have accumulated a lot of experience and started to bring a team. The communication with customers is not limited to simple technical implementation. In many cases, we have to discuss with many parties and often listen to customer leaders to mention them. A DBA is OCM, and then you may ask me by the way: like you should all be OCM? At this time, it is somewhat embarrassing. After all, I am serving people. I have no qualifications for DBA in terms of certification. Although I am confident that I will have more practical experience than their DBA. And this kind of scene has encountered a lot, if the other party is a good peer, everyone knows the technology, casual chat can also rely on the way to show strength to gain trust.
However, sometimes the people facing the situation are cross-border, or the customer’s leadership does not understand the details at all. Simple and rude is like a bid. Only those who have Oracle Master certification are recognized. If you have this certification, you will Eliminate a lot of tongue-and-mouth disputes and easily achieve better results. When you apply for a job, there will be additional points in the HR. The other is that my leader also suggested that I go to test an OCM, plus I also heard that The most familiar 11g version of OCM will stop the exam at the end of this year. At this time, there is really no chance to go to the exam. So I quickly decided to take a test. To be honest, this time it is somewhat underestimated. I think I have enough experience. In response to this Oracle 1Z1 851 Dumps, it did not leave too much time for itself to prepare, and the work during this period was particularly busy, and the heart was still suffering a lot.

Fortunately, the two-day examination process was quite smooth, and the final test results were also smooth. PASS, at the moment I received the Oracle Hexi letter, I was a little excited, and I finally didn’t waste my money in my pocket. I can finally write OCM in the certificate qualification. Thanks to all the colleagues who helped me before the exam. You are the best. I am also the OCM.

But I usually think how can I satisfied  with the certification. I may get the cisco certification with CCIE rs 400 101 dumps. lol. may it will very soon.

What is Opp Bag Package?

Opp is the abbreviation of bopp, opp bag package is stretchable polypropylene, which belongs to plastic. It is actually a plastic bag, which can be seen everywhere in the market. Most of the transparent packaging bags are made of opp material. Convenient, good performance and versatile.

Opp bag package properties: odorless, odorless, non-toxic, dull appearance, milky white waxy particles, density of about 0.920g / cm3 melting point 130 °C ~ 145 °C. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in hydrocarbons, toluene, etc. It has low water absorption and can maintain softness and high electrical insulation at low temperatures.

What is Opp bag package

five advantages:

1. anti-fogging

The use of anti-fog material greatly reduces the field of view blocking rate, can clearly observe the freshness of fruits and vegetables, and increase the visual beauty to further increase the product sales rate.

2. food grade

Food grade materials that can be in direct contact with food; Grade A, good flatness and gloss.

3. breathable design

The double-sided venting hole design allows the fruits and vegetables to breathe freely, thus prolonging the freshness.

4. customizable color logo

We have a professional design team to support your customization and highlight the storefront features.

5. explosion-proof edge process

The side seal is designed with a single heat sealing process, and the 5mm self-adhesive is firm and durable.

Food Grade Opp Bag Package Wholesale

Opp bag package has the characteristics of high transparency and brittleness. The OPP single piece is folded in half and the side is sealed. A self-adhesive seal is adhered to the open tongue. When used, the product is peeled off to protect the skin on the surface of the seal, and the tongue is folded and folded. It can be used conveniently, beautifully and widely used in clothing, food, printing stationery, cosmetics, paper and other industries. Opp bag package of different sizes and different processes can also be customized according to customer needs.

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Features of Hearing Aid Technology

Analog versus Digital Hearing Aids

Analog hearing aids have been available for many years.  They have a microphone to collect sound and convert the sound into electrical energy, an amplifier to increase the strength of the electrical energy, and a receiver or speaker to convert the electrical energy to an acoustic sound.  Analog hearing aids may help amplify soft sounds without over-amplifying loud sounds through a process called automatic gain control (AGC).  However, analog hearing aids do not typically have other advanced features.

Digital hearing aids are more complex. With digital hearing aids, a microphone picks up sound, which is then converted into digital signals. The digital signals are then processed by the small computer chip in the hearing aid. Once the digital signal is analyzed and processed using Digital Signal Processing (DSP), it is converted into acoustic sound. DSP allows for changes in volume, but can also provide noise reduction and other features to help improve communication in difficult listening environments.

Currently, very few analog hearing aids are available, and most hearing aids contain DSP. Within digital hearing aids, however, many different features are available and are discussed further in this section.

Gain (volume) Processing

For many years, hearing aids have been able to automatically increase or decrease volume depending on the input sounds. This feature minimizes the need to physically adjust the volume control. However, for most patients with hearing loss, simply increasing or decreasing the volume does not improve the clarity of speech. You may be decreasing sounds that are too loud, but at the same time decreasing sounds that need to be increased to improve speech understanding. You may often notice this with the volume control settings of your television or radio.

More recently, hearing aids are able to separate sound into different frequency (tonal) regions, called channels. The volume of each channel can be adjusted independently, allowing for certain sounds to be amplified more than others, similar to an equalizer on a stereo. The amount of amplification in each channel can generally be adjusted by your audiologist using the hearing aid programming software.

Manual volume controls to change the overall volume are available on many hearing aids. Volume controls may be accessed by a button or volume control wheel on the hearing aid or, in some cases, with remote control.

Number of Frequency Channels

The number of channels available for programming differs among hearing aids. With more channels, hearing aids can be programmed to more accurately fit your hearing loss. Also, with more channels, the analysis of the sound environment is more accurate, which can enhance the function of other hearing aid features. However, more is not always better. More than 15 to 20 channels can cause sounds to become ‘muddy

The Importance of Sealing the Pet Food Pouches

As people’s material life has gradually increased, the number of pet-raising families has gradually increased, and pets have gradually become one of the important members of the family. The development of pet food industry and pet food pouches has been promoted.

The pet’s food is the same as our daily food, and it also has the quality and safety requirements of the product. Pet food has the same shelf life requirement. During the shelf life, pet food should be guaranteed not to deteriorate, taste, and lose nutrients.

The importance of sealing the pet food pouches

Pet food generally contains protein, fat, amino acids, minerals, crude fiber, vitamins and other ingredients, which also provide good breeding conditions for microorganisms. Therefore, to ensure the nutritional value of dog food, it is necessary to inhibit the activity of microorganisms.

The three elements that microbes depend on for survival: ambient temperature, oxygen and moisture. During shelf life, the oxygen and moisture content of the package is more dependent on the integrity and barrier properties of the pet food pouches. Among them, the perfect packaging has the most direct impact on the shelf life.

At present, the common pet food pouches on the market are plastic flexible packaging, composite plastic packaging, octagonal sealing packaging bags, medium-sealed organbags, paper-plastic packaging, aluminum-plastic packaging and tinplate packaging cans. The most commonly used ones are zippered self-supporting composite plastics. Flexible packaging and aluminum plastic packaging. The composite structure can effectively improve the overall force and barrier performance of the package.

The importance of sealing the pet food pouches

If the peeling strength is too low, the composite quality is poor, and the packaging bag cannot achieve the quality of the multi-layer material dispersing force and the barrier property. The packaging is easily broken and the barrier performance is lower than expected. The heat seal strength represents the strength of the package closure. If the heat seal strength is too low, the seal cracking and the pet food are easily scattered during the handling process, and the pet food is in contact with oxygen and moisture in the air, and the food is easily mildewed.

From this point of view, the overall tightness of the pet food pouches is very important. If the packaging is incomplete, undoubtedly under the action of oxygen and moisture in the air, the pet food is prone to mold and deterioration, and the nutrients will be lost. When consumers buy food for their own pets, they must carefully check whether the pet food pouches is complete and has no leaks.

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Flexible Pouch Packaging Material Reveals Secret

Many times we only know that there is flexible pouch packaging, but we don’t know what material is made by which device, and we don’t know that different bags have different characteristics. Take aluminum foil bags, everyone knows that this is an aluminum foil bag, but most people don’t know what the aluminum foil bag is, and they don’t know the type of aluminum foil bag. Below, let’s take a look at the production materials of the flexible pouch packaging.

Flexible Pouch Packaging Material Reveals Secret

1.HDPE / High Density Polyethylene / Low Pressure Polyethylene / Low Pressure Film

This is the most common material. The shopping bags that can often be seen in supermarkets are made of HDPE bags. This material can be bagged separately. It is a kind of cheaper and cheaper on the market. Material

What is the CCIE Certifications Values?

If you have CCIE certification 20 years ago, people who know their gold content will look up to you; if you have CCIE certification 15 years ago, others will at least give a thumbs up; 10 years ago you took CCIE certification with CCIE security 400 251 dumps, when you cheered, others I will look at you coldly, and I will sneer in my heart; now if you tell others that you have CCIE certification, you will inadvertently see the corners of others quietly rising, the eyes are full of contempt that cannot be concealed, because everyone knows that it is just cheating the result of

Do You Know What the Hole in the Coffee Bean Packaging Is?

If you often buy freshly roasted coffee beans yourself, you will find that there is a button-like object on the back of the coffee bean packaging, which may have a small hole called a gas valve.

The purpose of this device is to let the carbon dioxide out of the coffee bean packaging, because the freshly roasted coffee beans must be vented, and the more appropriate statement feels like breathing.

The function of the gas valve is to help the carbon dioxide of the coffee bean to be discharged. Therefore, for the coffee bean, the gas valve is a device that allows the air to flow out, effectively slowing the aging of the coffee bean.

Do You Know What the Hole in the Coffee Bean Packaging Is

Fresh coffee beans release carbon dioxide

In the process of roasting coffee beans, the carbon dioxide in the coffee beans is released, but most of the carbon dioxide remains in the coffee beans, so the coffee beans slowly discharge the internal gas for about two weeks after baking.

At this time, if the bag containing the coffee beans does not have a gas valve to assist the venting, the coffee beans in the coffee bean packaging will continue to vent, and the bean bag will be over-expanded. If the storage environment causes squeezing, it may cause the bean bag to burst, thus destroying the preservation of the coffee beans. (It may take a long time or a few days for you to discover that the coffee beans have deteriorated because they are exposed to the air.)

Air damage to coffee quality

As mentioned at the beginning, the air valve of the coffee bag is a device that only goes out, that is, a one-way air valve. The function of the air valve, in addition to the gas that discharges the coffee beans, prevents the outside air from penetrating into the bean bag and affects the quality of the coffee beans.

We are in oxygen, humidity, temperature, which will shorten the best taste of coffee beans, while destroying the quality of coffee beans. Therefore, it is very important to discharge the internal gas without allowing air to enter.

Squeeze the bean bag and smell it?

It should be noted that when the carbon dioxide is discharged, the aroma of the coffee beans will be released in a large amount, which is why when we squeeze the coffee bag, we can smell a very good aroma from the air valve, but this smelly action is not a bean bag. The original design of the valve, because these carbon dioxide is actually one of the elements to keep the coffee beans fresh, the air pressure inside the bag can also help to raise the beans, and the extrusion action will also make the aroma of the coffee beans lose, affecting the quality of the coffee beans, so Try to avoid squeezing the coffee bag and smelling it.

Coffee Bean Packaging Air valve

In addition, the gas valve is also of high quality and low quality. When purchasing, you can confirm the gas valve used by the bean bag with the store, which can effectively maintain the freshness of the coffee!

Summary of the function of the valve

1.Moisture-proof: The coffee beans are kept dry and fragrant, and the moisture in the air does not run into the bag.

2.Buffering:When the coffee bean bag is impacted or dropped from a high place, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way exhaust valve, reducing the impact of residual gas in the bag and preventing the package from bursting.

3.Exhaust: After the coffee is baked, it can effectively remove the carbon dioxide in the bag and avoid the bursting of the package.

In addition, some people may have the experience of flying with coffee beans. You will find that the coffee bean bag has dried up when you get off the plane, like the packaging state of vacuum rice, which will also affect the flavor and preservation of fresh coffee, because the cabin The pressure will squeeze out the air from the coffee bean bag. At this time, just put the gas valve on the tape first, then put it into the zipper bag to protect the coffee beans with a layer of protection. Try it next time to see if it works!

Our coffee bags are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors for coffee packaging. coffee bean packaging can also be customized according to your coffee brand.

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