Oracle Establishing Enterprise Data Confidence, Upgrading Next Generation Enterprise Computing Platform

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“Economist” magazine As early as May 2017, it is pointed out: Data for the importance of this century, like oil for the last century – – Data is the driving force for development and changing. Data generates a new economy, data information is unlike other resources, but uses different ways to extract, processing, valuation, and transactions, which changed the market rules and requires new management methods.

From 2017 to 2019, the global digital economy has grown. According to the data of China Information and Communications Research Institute (referred to: China Tongxing Institute), my country’s digital economy has reached 31.3 trillion yuan in 2018, calculated by caliber, named increased by 20.9%, accounting for 34.8% GDP. In 2019, with 5G startup and the high-speed development of industrial Internet, China’s digital economy and data is facing the challenges of steps and even leap-forward development.

According to the “Rehabilitation Data Confidence” survey report released by Oracle’s Oracle Company of the world’s largest database, the Asia-Pacific region has confidently control data, more than half of the interviewed enterprises have not yet developed Data management strategy. The “Data Asset Management Practice White Paper (4.0)” released by China Xinxongyuan also pointed out that data is the concept of assets has become industry consensus, but the management and application of data assets is often in the exploration stage. Data asset management faces many challenges.

Oracle Database Cloud Conference on August 8, 2019 introduces the new generation of database integrated Oracle Exadata X8 and its introduced Oracle database 19C and autonomous database technology. Han Zhongheng, is responsible for the advanced vice president of Oracle Company, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific, said that Oracle has a collection of more than 40 years of database technology and data asset management practices, in 2018, launched autonomous database technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Now, through the Exadata integration system, the next generation of enterprise architecture will be completely changed, and the status quo of enterprise data management will be completely changed.

Next Generation Enterprise Architecture

(Han Zhongheng, Senior Vice President of Oracle)

Enterprise Architecture Theory originated in the 1980s, at the time Applying information technology to corporate management provides the idea of ??modeling enterprises, using an information architecture to react to enterprises’ operation management architecture. In 1996, the US Information Technology Management Reform Act first proposed the term “IT architecture”, requiring government CIO to propose, develop, build and manage a reasonable and integrated IT architecture to address the general issues of management and governance of enterprises and institutions. .

Enterprise architecture usually has two construction modes: one is from the top, the IT architecture design and construction model starting from the business driver; one is from IT resources and infrastructure Departure IT architecture design and construction mode. The results of these two construction modes are usually able to respond to corporate organization and management, connect and coordinate all business units, and can respond to market, suppliers and partners.

Self-entering massive data era, in the middle of the upper business and the underlying IT infrastructure, it is increasingly the challenge of enterprise architecture. Han Zhongheng introduced that in the survey of “reshaping data confidence”, interviewed companies generally expressed the excellent data control power to bring numerous advantages, the most obvious three of them is to improve customer loyalty, enhance brand value and improve operational efficiency. However, in the current point of view, many companies are still facing challenges when managing massive data, especially more than 60% of respondents want to strengthen data management capabilities to obtain meaningful business insights.

Han Zhongheng emphasizes that today’s digital transformation, core technology is data management and governance. Taking smart urban construction as an example, smart city is a highly complex multi-business, multi-task, multi-body system, must design and preset data DNA in smart urban construction, fusion structured data and unstructured data The converged data platform will become a key platform for smart cities. Many smart city programs in the Asia Pacific region are created from the database and data management platform.

In the next generation of enterprise architecture, data management and governance is a key technical platform, and the autonomous database technology and platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning will be the core technologies of the next generation enterprise architecture.

Next Generation Enterprise Computing Platform

(Fusion Enterprise Architecture)

Under the leadership of next-generation enterprise architecture concept, Oracle has been studying and developing next-generation enterprises. Calculate the platform. Especially after the opening of the cloud computing and public cloud era, the new cloud computing model combines and integrates with traditional enterprise IT computing models, providing a unified data management and governance capability, which has become the next generation of enterprise computing platform. Differential competitive technology.

Oracle Exadata is an integrated soft hardware integrated platform for running an Oracle database, which can run all types of database loads, including online transaction processing (OLTP), data warehouse (DW), memory analysis, and Mixed load integration, etc. In the fiscal year of Oracle 2018, Oracle Exadata won a wide range of use of multi-industry customers such as finance, retail, electronics and telecommunications, which encompasses a wide range of products such as finance, retail, electronic manufacturing and telecommunications, and created a new record of Oracle products.

Han Zhongheng emphasizes that every generation of Exadata products are committed to improving performance and automation expectations, reducing the professional knowledge, skills, knowledge and empirical requirements of database administrators (DBA), fundamentally reduces DBA and The user’s time wasted and continued to reduce the overall cost (TCO). Each generation of Exadata has successfully improved this standard and greatly pulled the distance between Exadata and other database systems or white boxes. 2019 is the 10th anniversary of Oracle Database Integration EXADATA, the new generation of Exadata X8 is also the ninth generation of Exadata products, bringing breakthrough hardware and software performance improvement and machine learning.

Oracle Exadata X8 introduces a variety of original machine learning functions, such as automatic indexing, continuous learning and tuning databases with changes in the use mode. With the same technique as the Oracle Autonomous Database, Exadata X8 implements automation of the entire machine learning process, users do not need manual tuning to greatly improve database performance. In addition, Exadata X8 has also added automation performance monitoring, which combines artificial intelligence and Oracle’s performance diagnostic experimental experience, automatic detection of performance, no need for manual intervention, you can find out the root source.

Han Zhongheng said that the Oracle Autonomous Database Technology introduced by Exadata X8 uses breakthrough machine learning technology to provide unprecedented availability, high performance, and security. The Oracle Autonomous Database is a database of autonomous driving, autonomous security and autonomous fixment, including automatic patch, tuning and upgrading to ensure the automated operation of key infrastructure, bringing modern cloud experience, especially support running. Scan security threats and updates to effectively prevent network attacks and data stolen.

As a bienical historical fusion machine product, today’s Oracle Exadata can already land in the enterprise IT and private clouds in the enterprise internal data center, or in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure The way to serve the external service or in the way in the way Exadata public clouds is deployed, but it is still managed by Oracle. The latest way, the Exadata one machine is placed inside the park of the third-party cloud IDC, borders in the IaaS area of ??many public clouds, forming the Co-Location mixed manner, which greatly reduces Oracle Exadata and The delay between other public clouds is particularly suitable for application scenarios for high data processing delay.

The famous market consulting firm Wikibon believes that integrating AI capabilities Oracle Database 19C and Exadata platforms will become “changing games.” Wikibon recommends Exadata X8 as a default x86 platform for the key task workload using the Oracle database. There are currently many emerging open source database technologies, but Wikibon believes that they can’t replace the workload and database of traditional SOR (System of Record), and existing public cloud databases cannot be well processed like an Oracle database. SOR type workload, plus the risk of conversion and migration and the high cost, Wikibon does not recommend enterprises to make such migration and replacement.

Deploy Oracle Database Appliances on the Oracle Exadata platform, starting from the Exadata X8 and Oracle Autonomous Database, representing the development trend of next-generation enterprise computing platforms. Collecting the innovation and experience of enterprise data technology for more than 40 years, Oracle Autonomous Database and Exadata database integrated machines are helping enterprises to develop data assets, winning in digital transformation and digital economic tide. (Text / Ningchuan)

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