My Juniper Certification Journey: JN0 102 Exam

In fact, it should be more accurate to know Juniper certification. Although other certifications have separate certificates issued, personally it feels like a process. Similar to the Cisco certification process, there are many low-level certifications in the process of leading to JNCIE. JNCIA-JNCIS-JNCIP-JNCIE can be selected. Among them, JNCIA and JNCIS are low- and medium-level certifications. Qualification exams, only after passing the JNCIS written test, can you take the experimental test, similar to the written part of CCIE. In addition, Juniper JN0 102 Dumps and JNCIS are independent certification exams, and the JNCIS exam can be taken in many cities across the country. The test is conducted through the Prometric test center. Generally, where CCNA certification or MCSE certification is available, JNCIA and JNCIS can also be tested. . Before, there was no JNCIP exam. The JNCIE lab exam lasted for two days. Later, in order to enhance the configuration and practical operation, Juniper split the two-day JNCIE exam into independent JNCIP certification and JNCIE certification.

The JNCIA exam is a written test and a preliminary technical certification. It mainly tests candidates’ understanding of BGP / OSPF / ISIS / and other technologies. The test fee is $ 125, the test time is 60 minutes, 60 non-variable items, 70% pass;

The JNCIS exam is a written test and intermediate technical certification. It mainly tests candidates’ understanding of BGP / IGP / MPLS / IPV6 / Multicast / IPv6 / CoS and other technologies. The test questions are more difficult than JNCIA. The test fee is 125 USD and the test time is 90 minutes. 75 indefinite items, 70% pass;

The Juniper JN0 660 Dumps exam is a laboratory operation exam. Advanced technical certification requires 7 routers. The test mainly tests the candidates’ ability to operate IGP / BGP and the equipment itself. The test fee is $ 1250, and the test time is 8 hours, which is 80% passing;

The JNCIE exam is a laboratory operation exam. It is a top-level technical certification. It needs to troubleshoot 10 routers and add new configurations as required. It mainly tests candidates’ troubleshooting capabilities and expert-level configuration capabilities. The test fee is $ 1250 and the test time is 8 Hours, 80% pass;

In short, Juniper JN0 303 Dumps tests the operation, troubleshooting, and understanding of mainstream technologies of the Juniper router M / T series on the backbone network. Because Juniper started with high-end routing products, the certification exams are also geared to the high-end. To be fair, the JNCIE exam is more difficult than the CCIE.

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