Job Trends for Big Data Professionals in India

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In recent years, IT industry has witnessed completely opposite pictures in terms of job trends and stability. Employees faced a troubled time with growing layoffs. On the other hand, they have observed the continuous surge in analytics jobs in the market. Furthermore, the trend is global where the demand for Big Data professionals is in a continuous rise. Big Data was merely a buzzword in India in 2016 whereas currently, India contributes to 12 percent of overall Big Data jobs worldwide in this domain. In addition to that, India has proved itself as one of the largest analytics markets in the world followed by the US.

As per IDC estimation, the CAGR growth of Big Data industry will be up to 23.1 percentages during the period of 2016-2020.This is equal to USD 57 billion including infrastructure, software, and services.

Digital Marketing is the Backbone of Data Explosion

The success of a business lies in its marketing strategy. If a business easily reachable to its consumers its success probability rate increases significantly. And here comes the usability of digital media under the umbrella term of ‘Digital Marketing’. With the intensive use of the internet, mobile phones and other mediums, digital marketing has become pervasive by all means of business.

Hence, today’s business has become ‘anytime, anywhere’ for the consumers. Moreover, today’s marketing relies on data and marketers rely on predictive analysis out of these data. They build a better marketing strategy with the insights of this data. Also, they can introspect on the customers need more effectively by analyzing the data. Big data professionals play key roles in such data analysis. Without Big Data experts companies are blind to analyze data or to perform any predictive analysis.? ? ??

Source : Digital Vidya

India is poised to overtake the US in terms of the number of Internet users. Hence, it is expected that the momentum in data explosion will remain same in India for coming years. In addition to that, the rate of the data explosion from India will be doubled that of the world average in coming years. So, big data professionals will be most sought after in the industry with the exponential growth of data in coming years.

Demand for Big Data Professionals in India is Growing High

With a rapid penetration of mobile devices in every sphere of life, the usage of data will more on a higher side. Hence, the demand for the Big Data professionals will grow hugely. Moreover, Big data is an area which can bring direct revenue to an organization. Hence, companies are investing more in it. Not only biggies but also start-ups are also offering jobs for Big data professionals in India. It is estimated that 50,000 open job positions for Big data experts?are currently available in India. However, market statistics show that the demand for?Big Data professionals in India will outweigh the supply. Hence, organizations are rigorously looking for Big data experts?who can serve the industry better. Furthermore, organizations are on the verge of recruiting freshers and train them in Big Data to fulfill the resource pool for Big Data projects.

Overall Job Trends for Big Data Professionals in India

  • The number of Big Data jobs?has increased at a sharp rate from 2014 to 2017. It has risen to almost double between April 2016 to April 2017.
  • Approximately 50,000 vacancies related to Big data are currently available in different business sectors of India. However, this is a rough estimation on demand for?Big Data professionals in India and not the exact number.
  • India contributes to 12% Big Data job in the worldwide market. Moreover, the no. of offshore jobs in India is likely to increase at a rapid pace due to outsourcing. Companies across the world outsource Big data projects to India due to lack of right skills in their countries. Hence, it will increase the demand for Big Data professionals in India
  • Almost all big MNCs in India have already built up CoEs on Big Data. They are also offering handsome salaries for Big Data professionals in India. Some of the key players are Amazon, HCL, Capgemini, TCS, and IBM. In addition to that middle level and start-ups are also paced up in implementing Big Data with good salaries for Big Data professionals in India.

Industry-wise Job Trends of Big Data Professionals in India

  • The biggest influence of Big data jobs comes from Indian financial sectors like Banks and other financial bodies. The overall job trend has increased from 42% to 46%?in 2017 from the banking sector.
  • E-commerce sector is following banking sector. The job trend rise was 14% a year ago in this sector. However, this year it has dipped into 10%.
  • Another booming sector in Big Data market is media and entertainment sector. This area contributes to almost 7% jobs although it has adopted analytics later compared to other business industries.

Big Data Job Trends as per Educational Qualification in India

  • The dominance is of course for B.E./ degree for almost 42% job positions as Big Data professionals in India.
  • 26% of Big Data professionals must qualify a postgraduate degree, 10% out of this demand is for an MBA or PGDM graduates.
  • Hence, 80% of market employers are looking for Big Data experts from engineering and management domains.
  • 9% analytics jobs suit with a graduate degree from any field for other requirements as Big data professionals.
  • There is less scope for CA professionals which is around 3% of overall jobs in the market.

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How Experience Level Matters for a Big Data Professional in India?

  • As this is a blooming field experience matters a lot. Almost 39% Big data?openings ask for more than 5 years of experience.
  • However, less than 5 years of experience also works well with current overgrowing demand in this field. Hence, around 61%of job requirements lie in this segment.
  • Industries are ready to train freshers to sync up with the demand for Big Data professionals in India. Hence, 17% of job requirement suits with
  • There is an increase in demand for the Big Data professionals with more than 7 years of experience. However, salary becomes a concerning matter here.

Salaries for?Big Data Professionals in India

  • The average salaries being offered by advertised Big Data jobs tend to be lower than actual negotiated salary during recruitment.
  • 40% advertised Big Data jobs offer more than 10 Lakh per annum salaries for Big Data professionals in India.
  • The average salaries for Big Data professionals in India are 7 Lakh per annum. However, the minimum starting salaries for Big Data professionals in India are around 5 -6 Lakh/annum

Demand for Big Data Professionals in India across Big Data Skills

  • 30% job trend is for Python
  • Hadoop, SAS, and Spark come to next in market demand
  • The highest demand is for R Professionals that grabs almost 36% advertised Big Data jobs in the Indian market.
  • Visualization tools like Tableau are most in demand. Hence, almost?9%of analytics jobs looking for Tableau professionals.


Job trends in analytics and data science have doubled over the last year. It has added thousands of Big data?job positions in the Indian market. However, there is a resource crunch in Big Data field and a considerable portion of IT people need to scale up them. Furthermore, they need proper training and market recognization with relevant big data certifications.

However, the job trend depicts a positive picture of potential Big Data jobs in India for coming years. Interestingly freshers can also explore the opportunity along with the working professionals to become future Big Data professionals in the industry.

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