IoT, will it be the next type?

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Will I don’t be the top of the net? I believe that readers will have their own answers after reading this article.

Before discussing this problem, let’s take a look at what actions at home and abroad are in the IOT field. In 2018, Microsoft announced that 4 billion US dollars in the IOT field. At the beginning of 2019, the Lei Jun announced a 5-year 10 billion in IOT at the Xiaomi Annual Meeting. As we all know, Microsoft’s Internet of Things platform is morely for developers, and Xiaomi’s Internet of Things platform (Mijia) is more for consumers, and the two companies are completely different in IOT. . However, important companies in the two IoT fields are unconsciously clarified to invest more resources in the IOT field. It can be seen that IOT has an indispensable development prospect in the future.

Although millet and Microsoft are different in the IOT field, they all know that IOT potential is unlimited, it is a big cake, the sooner, the more it is, the more it can be divided into more Multi cake. Next, let’s take a look at how Xiaomi and Microsoft play in the IOT field, what value created, how can we attract more customers, win higher revenue?

Xiaomi’s IoT

Internet of Things is extremely wide range: industrial network, car network, smart city, smart grid, smart home, intelligent wear Wait. And Xiaomi’s main battlefield is the closest intelligent home. As of the third quarter of 2018, in the consumer IOT field, Xiaomi’s IOT connection equipment has exceeded 132 million units, accounting for 1.7% of the global market, and the force of Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon.

Xiaomi’s IoT ecology is shocking, centered on rice, and all intelligent equipment covers the face. Little love AI speaker, millet TV, Mijia LED ceiling light, Mijia wireless switch, Mijia door and window sensor, Mijia sweeping robot, etc. Users can easily build their own smart home through the Michae App or Xiaofei classmates. From the data in the figure above, we can also find that there are more than 5 minimoo smart devices with 1.98 million. Into the rice is deeply like the sea, after you have the first Xiaomi smart device, you will find great convenience to your life, if you want to buy a rice cooker, TV or air conditioner, why not consider Xiaomi What about smart devices?

So, what is the Millet IOT? Occupy the consumer IoT field, based on rice, to create a strong consumer-level IoT smart home bucket! Now, it is only 1.98 million users have more than 5 minimoo smart devices. What is the long-term? The potential of the consumer-grade IOT field is definitely an uncharged.

Microsoft’s IoT

Let’s take a look at how Microsoft is playing IOT. Microsoft’s play is very different from Xiaomi. Xiaomi’s main consumption hardware device, and Microsoft seems to have, in addition to Xbox, there is no very little hardware device, and Xbox cannot be counted as an IoT device. After Nadra applauded Microsoft CEO power, Microsoft continued to increase the cloud computing. The importance of two cash cows Windows and Office has gradually decreased, and cloud computing has become Microsoft’s development core power. One core of the IoT is a hardware device, and the other core is cloud computing. Microsoft itself does not produce hardware equipment, nor does it do landable Internet of Things solutions. His play is to provide a powerful Internet of Things cloud computing platform (Azure Io), what cloud computing services are needed, and Microsoft provides. The Momai bicycle that everyone is familiar with, the cloud computing platform behind it is Microsoft Azure.

As early as in early 2016, Microsoft issued Azure IoT Hub, officially entered the Internet of Things. Azure IoT HUB solves what problems with users? Users need to manage large-scale IOT devices, need to process millions of sensor messages in real time, which requires convenient communication between the equipment in the cloud service. It doesn’t matter, Azure IoT hub is all helped, you don’t need to worry about high reliability, performance, scalability, disaster disaster or security, you only need to pay attention to your business logic. As the complexity of the IoT business is increasing, a wide variety of demands come. I hope that my machine is run faster: it doesn’t matter, Microsoft launched Azure IoT Edge, putting your AI calculates from the cloud, so that the latency of the entire business is greatly reduced. I hope that my data has higher security, I don’t want to connect to the outside network: it doesn’t matter, Microsoft launched Azure Stack private cloud, put the entire Azure in your own server, you have absolute control. I need a complete set of cloud + terminal Internet access security interconnection program: It doesn’t matter, Microsoft launches Azure Sphere, including three aspects of certification microcontroller, operating system, and security services. In addition, Microsoft also launched Azure IoT Central, which is a SaaS platform that helps customers achieve full hosting SaaS products, without professionals help customers propose and implement the Internet of Things scheme.

So, what is Microsoft’s IOT? The demand for the Internet of Things developers is the first, establish a strong cloud computing platform, making the developers of industrial network, car network, smart cities, etc. come to Azure IoT, seeking to deposit, mutual benefit and win-win, build IOT together s future.

Ok, the reader sees here, does it feel that major manufacturers have a lot of the layout of IoT? So, will IOT will be the next type?

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