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The deceased, such as Sv, not staying up late. The turn of the eye has arrived. Recently, some people often ask my network engineer’s road to walk, learn whether CCNA is also valuable, how to learn how to prepare for the test. So I spent some time to sum up the experience in this year’s learning work, share it with you who are working hard or helpless.

Is there a future of network engineers?

Many friends who have just graduated often have worry that the industry has become a sunset industry. Such concerns and today’s impetuous social culture is not open. Everyone wants to make quick money, they want to catch the forehead in the times and do the tide of the times. Today’s society needs “T” character talents – wide and fine, and all. The most basic network knowledge should be the cornerstone you need to make, you can expand more in such cornerstone to more wide neighborhood, security, software definition network, IOT, network automation, etc. For those who stopped, people who don’t think inappropriate, any industry is sunset; for those who are tireless, people who have continuously learned, any industry is rising. There is no industry, only those who have no ability.

CCNA is also worth “

” Cisco can’t work “,” Cisco River is now “,” Cisco is going to be over. ” Those who say these words have several truly understanding of this industry. Several fiscal reports have seen Cisco, there are several products that compare the market. Objectively, Cisco’s status in the market is not as good as before, but it is not soaring that is so alarmist. The network entry is not only CCNA, or you can learn JNCIA, HCIA. But why do I still recommend you to learn CCNA, because it has the longest history, the data is the most complete, and the people in the community are most complete. Remember, we have learned from this vendor to learn the web basics rather than a single configuration command. Different vendors have different configuration methods, but the working principle of the network is the same. I learned that Cisco is easy to get the equipment of other manufacturers.

ccna can self-study?

can, my personal experience, from CCNA to CCIE all the way. Self-study and participation in training courses have their own advantages and disadvantages. At the beginning, I chose self-study because of the economic consideration, I don’t want to spend too much money. There was no popularity in the online training in that year.

CCNA self-study or participation in training courses

First three categories from learning methods:

1. reading Self-study

2. Entity training class

3. Online training self-study

I am purely reading self-study when I study CCNA, this kind of benefit is saving money Do not hurry. Not good is that there is no way to meet the place where you don’t understand, you can only rely on search engines or communities. But this efficiency is too low.

The benefits of entity training courses are teachers, you can ask questions at any time, and real devices can be configured. Not good is the big expenses, and the course of training courses is often very short. CCNA is generally a week. How much knowledge can you absorb how much knowledge of filling duck education?

Online training self-study should be the best choice, it combines the advantages of other two ways. Choosing a good online training course is very important. Everyone should pay attention to the following points:

· Can you listen for free? You can answer questions at any time – don’t choose

if you do not interactively, whether theoretically combined with the actual – light talking theory without providing the experiment, do not choose

Here, you can focus on the experimental environment, for The learning of the routing exchange is completely unnecessary to use real devices, and the virtual environment can meet all the requirements from CCNA to CCIE exams. Important is that the training course should provide pre-commissioned experimental environments to do exercises. Only by doing more experiments can completely master the theoretical knowledge.

CCNA Self-study

The most important thing is that the end is right, learning CCNA is to master network knowledge rather than just a certificate. Improvement is the biggest enemy of success. Don’t be afraid to suffer, don’t be afraid to spend time, getting everything is difficult. You must have a lot of things that have just been in contact with the network, the best way to learn is:

· reading book, reading a book again, don’t just look at a book, find a few books to see each other . A book often has its own omissions. To see the latest books, especially for your newcomers, you can’t tell which technologies have been eliminated, you can’t wast the time to learn. Seeing English books, be used to English information, doing technology wants to do English, it can’t escape.

· Look at the video, look at the video repeatedly, repeatedly pondering every sentence of the teacher. The video time is limited. It is impossible to put all messy content in a book, and the teacher will definitely be a classic. It is the most important thing.

· Baidu, Google is used. Some simple questions are simple and effective with search engines.

· Ask the teacher, the more you ask. Asking how many more you think.

· Do experiment, anti-repeated do, to form muscle memory.

· summoned the summary knowledge point, don’t go to the summary of others, the Mind Map made by others. Only if you do it is best for you, only you can do it on behalf of you.

How to prepare for the test

There is a “question bank”. Is there a friend asking me before I can’t think of a certificate, how can I use “question bank” now? The reason is very simple:

· Through the questions and answers in the “Question” to consolidate their knowledge.

· The cost of the exam is not cheap, “Question” is a double insurance for yourself.

CCNA can be competent?

“paper ccna” does not dare to do anything, nothing will do, I don’t know. “Dry CCNA” can actually take 50% to 60% of pure technology. Why is I emphasized that pure technology work, because some work needs to be understood, it is necessary to understand the market before pre-sale, and understand the product, design architecture, which requires some time accumulation. For a “dry CCNA”, you should face an interview or work, and people’s self-confidence comes from the skills of the skills you have, borrowing “selling oil” in a word “I don’t have him, but Cooked in hand. “

There are thousands of Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people, just some of my personal and CCNA learning methods, with the monarch. Today’s success is inseparable from the people who have supported me in the community, and society will only progress in dedication and sharing. Welcome everyone to exchange discussions, I will provide help, now you, I used to me.

Now that you have known about the Salary of Network Security Engineer, you must be attracted to achieving it. If you wish to have it, you must have to do lots and lots of studies, unless you have a good and reliable CompTIA SK0 005 Dumps provider like that of the ITCertDumps.

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