How To Increase The Value Of Reusing Plan/Schedule Templates

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Templates are a great way to ensure an even deployment of practices, and they also help in making sure critical tasks are not left out of new project plans. If it is a suitable template and not subject to legal constraints, then, don’t reinvent the wheel. Part of the reason people employ Project Managers is that they have the knowledge of where to go to make themselves more productive.?The benefit is that, for that project type, all project managers are following the same procedure, so you have consistency. A shorter planning learning curve.

A simple template can:??

  1. Serve as a checklist to help prevent kinds of work from being forgotten.
  2. Provide consistency to work plans to help the performing organization execute is portfolio of projects in a consistent manner.
  3. Provide consistency of terminology so that it’s not a case of every project manager does it differently.

Benefits of a template?

  • Templates help save 40 to 50% of the time in most of the cases.
  • Knowledge and lessons learnt in a consistent format.
  • In case of reporting templates, it can help is generating metrics faster.
  • If you don’t use templates in one form or another, it’s hard to imagine that any active learning is happening by the organization.
  • Finally, templates are the bread and butter of knowledge management and process improvement. A template becomes a configurable item that the project team updates as part of phase/project close-out. This captures lessons learned to improve planning for the next project.

Using the template as a starting point and then modifying it for the new project can save a whole lot of time in developing the new project plan (i.e. days or even a week). Several of the old project’s artifacts should also be reusable with appropriate modifications (more savings of time and effort).

It depends on the template. I have seen some so detailed, it takes more time to edit out the non-relevant pieces and rebuild the dependencies than it would creating it from scratch.

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There is one other very important benefit that using the template from a prior, successful project can provide. In most projects, there are a few important things that are left out of the initial project plan. These tasks are usually discovered during project execution when problems occur because something important was forgotten. These omitted tasks have the potential to seriously delay the new project or cause other problems.?The most important value in using templates from prior projects is in ensuring that critical tasks are not left out of the new project plan. Even if the new project plan is actually developed from scratch, the plan for the prior project should be reviewed carefully and used to reduce risk in the new project by ensuring that all necessary tasks are included in the new plan. The template has one other major advantage for standard deliverables within the WBS you can use past experience to define effort, cost and duration directly in the template. This makes it available to all the project managers, especially new ones who may not yet have the experience to define these elements accurately. At times some small templates used to great effect within organizations where project managers simply drop the deliverables into the overall project schedule.

In short, templates have a lot of benefit where they can be used but project managers should never be forced to make their programs fit a template, rather the templates must be flexible enough to fit the programs. If not, the WBS should always match the deliverables and should always be readable and usable.


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