How to cut the hair of a poodle?

After the hair is cut, the dog is more relaxed when going for a walk, and it is not necessary to use a retractable dog leash, which is more free. How to cut the hair of a poodle. If you have a poodle, it is natural to want to make it beautiful. Among them, for the grooming of the teddy, shearing is a very important part, then parents of the poodle, the VIP is correct Do you all know how to cut hair?

Shearing a poodle can’t be completely shaved, it should be kept properly????


2-3 cm is the most suitable. This can not only achieve the purpose of beauty, but also ensure that the VIP’s skin will not be directly exposed, will not be directly infested by parasites or direct sunlight, and can protect the health of the skin.

Before cutting the poodle’s hair, you should choose a suitable hair trimmer. When shaving the hair of the mouth, parents should hold the electric clipper with the right hand, hold the poodle’s mouth with the left hand, and then trim slowly?; In addition, from the poodle’s hair Shave from the tip of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, cheeks, the outer corners of the eyes to the base of the ears, and shave the neck to the position 1-2 fingers down from the Adam’s apple.

When trimming the body of the poodle, you should first use a comb to trim the chest. The diagonal comb will pull the hair up and trim it horizontally with scissors, and then trim the front foot to make the whole chest appear soft and round; cut the abdomen into a diagonal line from the VIP Tilt the elbow up to the waist line, cut the hips 30 degrees from the hip bone to the base of the tail, and cut the back line horizontally, and cut the front to a little bit behind the extension line of the elbow.

It should be noted that when trimming the limbs of the poodle, the undercoat of the toenails should be trimmed. Separate the thumb and index finger of the poodle, and carefully shave the miscellaneous hair between the soles of the feet. The bottom of the poodle’s tail to the anus should be trimmed in a “V” shape. In addition, the tail of the poodle should be from the root. Use electric scissors to shave one-third of it towards the tip of the tail.

Of course, if you want to trim the poodle to be beautiful and fashionable, you should design a suitable shape before you start, and then trim it according to the standard design. After trimming, you should observe the VIP from a long distance, and make appropriate modifications where you find something wrong, and trim it more perfectly.

After cutting the hair, you can use Wonder’s retractable dog leash to take your pet for a walk.

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