How to calculate these calculations, fog calculations, how to calculate these calculations?

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The Internet of Things also produces a large amount of data in rapid development, facing data processing pressure, various “calculations”, cloud computing, fog calculation, edge calculation, etc., these calculation methods What is the difference? Which scenes apply? How to choose how the calculation method is selected in different sites or the same scene?

Cloud computing, fog calculation, edge calculation Each advantagein

Cloud computing is an on-time, follow-up, Easily use shared computing computing facilities, storage devices, applications and other resources computing modes. The cloud computing system consists of the cloud platform, cloud storage, cloud terminal, and cloud safety. The cloud platform can be divided into public clouds, private clouds, mixed clouds from the user’s perspective. Through the level of providing services, it can be divided into: Infrastructure, NT, platform, platform, service (PaaS), and software, service (SAAS).

cloud computing, like different tap water companies in each different regions, no geographical restrictions, excellent cloud software service providers, providing software services to each corner of the world – just like the clouds on the sky No matter where you are, as long as you look up!

The principle of is the same as the cloud computing, and the data is uploaded to the remote center for analysis, storage, and processing. However, the fog calculation is compared to the cloud meter, and the mode is transported to the same center, the mode of the fog calculation is to set a large central node, which is the so-called “fog node” to process, which can make the arithmetic speed Fast, more efficient results.

If the cloud computing is sent to the clouds in the sky, the fog calculation is to send the data to the mist, and the fog calculation is more grateful than the cloud computing!

Edge computing and cloud computing are co-interacting with , which are the presence of each other. Cloud computing is a charter who is responsible for the big data analysis of long-term data, and can operate in the fields of periodic maintenance, business decision making. The edge calculates the analysis of real-time, short period data, and better supports the local service in time. Edge calculation and cloud computing are how to process big data. However, this time, data is not available to the remote cloud, can solve on the edge side, more suitable for real-time data analysis and intelligent processing, more efficient and safe.

If the cloud computation is a centralized big data processing, then the edge calculation can be understood as an edge big data processing!

Take the security industry as an example, from the calculation method, the cloud computing is the “cloud + end” mode . The intelligent security terminal connects to the cloud computing center over the network, obtains a comprehensive platform with cloud forms on-demand, sharing, and configurable computing resources. This calculation method provides a powerful support for storage, retrieval, analysis and other aspects of my country’s huge video surveillance network; as a supplement to the cloud computing, the edge calculation refers to the side of the object or the source of the data, is available for the camera and other terminal equipment Service, if cloud computing provides powerful global structured data reasoning analysis and resource management control, then edge calculations provide fast, agile, efficient, accurate real-time response; while fog calculation is equivalent to “Clouds close to the ground”, You can create cloud services distributed from different places.

On the “track”, cloud computing, fog calculation, etc., the “players”, etc. However, sometimes a single “player” can not meet the application scenarios of the demand, what should I do? “Mix Calculation” plays a coaching “coach” role of each “player”. So what is “mixed calculation”? What is the application?

Everything needs more powerful force

according to the calculation, by 2020, the number of global networking equipment will reach 50 billion; in 2025, everything is the Internet sales income will To reach $ 1.6 trillion; to 2030, the amount of data generated by the Internet of Things will reach 4.4ZB (Ze).

“Current data from the consumer end to the production, from the device to the data itself, the Internet has already shown an explosive growth situation. And the big data and Internet of Things technology have high requirements for data processing capabilities. This requires full excavation force. “Zhang Fan, a major data test site, Shanghai Data Scientific Key Laboratory, University of Fudan University.

“The mixing calculation” is to try to utilize 5G of all-in-one interconnection, comprehensive utilization of cloud computing, fog calculation, edge calculation, etc. to achieve efficient synergy. “Director, Department of Scientific Research, Fujian Engineering, Fujian Professor Zou Duimin, director of the province Beidou Navigation and Smart Traffic Collaborative Innovation Center, said, “Mixed Computing” is the earliest by Jiang Zhixiang at the WMIC 2018 World Mobile Internet Conference. The formation of this concept has been over the years.

Talking about the technical principles, Zhang Fan said, “mixed calculation” draws on the idea of ??heterogeneous calculation – treatment of the task suitable for this structure with different computing resources. The concept of heterogeneous calculations is very early, but the conditions for achieving conditions have been achieved in recent years.

With the development of all things, the industry gradually recognizes that a single calculation method cannot solve all problems. For this purpose, the major manufacturers of different calculations have been actively explored: Intel acquires Ali in 2015 Tella, while launching the reconfigurable technology in the chip; Saili company implements the unity of the programming environment in 2015; Baidu began to advance the “Baidu Brain Project” in 2016, trying to implement a variety of calculations in a computing system Mixing …

On January 4, 2018, the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance officially released the “Industrial Internet Platform White Paper (2017)”, which has prelimated the content of the industrial Internet platform functional architectural map. Edge calculation and cloud computing concept. Not only that, Huawei, Siemens and other companies are also constantly exploring the “Border Cloud Association”.

Different calculation methods Collaborative Problem Difference

Different application scenarios, cloud computing, fog calculation, edge calculation methods are different.

Take public safety video monitoring as an example, the front-end camera should improve the real-time, and the image recognition is used to complete the image, and the AI ??must be injected into the edge, and the data processed on the edge needs to upload to the cloud. In order to make comprehensive analysis;,, Comprehensive analysis and excavation.

Zhang Fan believes that unlike the early single calculation method, “hybrid calculation” arranges various types of calculation methods to build a high-efficiency application component for a certain field, thereby better meeting wireless interconnection, video Handling, image recognition, intelligent manufacturing and other high-efficiency processing needs.

, in the unmanned area, comprehensively utilize edge computing, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology: collect data with edge computing sensors, send data to the cloud, sensor fusion, virtual world The model update is implemented in the cloud; AI determines the action plan in “Cloud” and publishes the control command to the car through the cloud.

Zou Reimin said that “mixed calculation” technology platform can be deployed from various types of application from consumer-class, to smart urban-level applications, and to all kinds of applications in the block chains of agriculture, and then go to the future Growth industrial Internet various applications.

There are many challenges in the technical and application levels

mixed computing as emerging concepts, there is currently no mature technical solutions and frameworks. It can also be seen from its concept that one of the challenges is connectivity. With the sharp increase in the number of connection devices, network management, flexible expansion, and reliability guarantees are facing huge challenges.

Take Industrial Internet as an example, there is a large number of heterogeneous bus and a variety of types of networks, and they need to ensure the real-time and reliability of the connection while compatible with multiple connections. On this basis, the data is achieved, requiring cross-vendors, cross-platform integration and operation.

face the complicated application environment, how to accurate the task and completely underground; how to integrate valid information into the task by calculation node, how to make feedback Resist online attack security and privacy … These are an important test for “mixed calculations” synergies. (Source: Sidan Online Union)

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