Ethical Leadership: How to Think and Respond

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Ethical Leadership, where to begin?

As a leader, or someone looking to be a leader, you are probably thinking to yourself, how do I build and maintain a strong ethical foundation in my job and continue down an ethical path that is effective and trusted both inside and outside of my professional and personal life.

In the course “Ethical Leadership”, I was able to relate to the topic as the instructor provides real-world examples to the discussion and walks you through the thought process of how to communicate when encountering ethical decision-making scenarios. This course also includes resources such as case studies, polls, and debate lectures to help you further understand the material being presented.

So, You have an Ethical decision to make, how do you process it?

If you were presented with ethical decisions, would you know how to address them properly? This is exactly what the instructor, Leif includes during the discussion portion of the course. The inclusion of a survey during the course allows you to engage using scenarios that will be used to apply the principles during the course.

Similar to a set of best practices that you would typically use in areas such as security. A defined process is essential to identifying the core components necessary to address ethical decisions, and in turn, help you to rationalize and assess the decision appropriately. Each step is examined and explained with real-world examples to help clarify the fundamental pieces of the process and includes a comparative analysis which you can then use to evaluate your own decisions.

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How do I compare my thoughts so I can make the right ethical decision?

Following a general fundamental process approach to decision making is key to managing your thoughts and allowing for an effective outcome. First, identify the decision. It sounds simple, but sometimes you have to take a step back and identify the problem you are trying to resolve. There may be multiple decisions to make in each scenario.

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Next, evaluate the criteria and rank your findings (or thoughts in this case) so you can justify and articulate the decision to yourself and others. Following this would be to identify alternatives, look at the data, make a choice, and then take action. The instructor lays out this plan allowing you to pragmatically work through your decisions step-by-step so that each phase is completed with an acceptable outcome during and at the end of the decision process.

Pulling it all together with real-world scenarios.

In the final section of this course, the instructor debates with two special guests using hypothetical case studies and how they might respond to the scenario at hand. The first case study examines a scenario in which ransomware affects a city, hospital, and a bank. During the debate, the instructor leads with a question to the guest, and the debate begins for each of these scenarios. The second hypothetical case study goes into scenarios related to ethical behavior and decision making that could and do occur in the business and/or corporate world. Similar to the ransomware debate, questions are asked, and then the answers are debated.

Continuing the journey

The tools provided by the instructor during this course have real-world value and can be used immediately upon finishing the course. By having the fundamental process for making decisions, you will be better equipped and able to justify your decisions to yourself and others. If you are ready to start your journey on this and many other topics, you can enroll in online courses for your desired career path.

This course is a part of the “Become a CISO” career path that includes over 25 separate learning paths to help you achieve your career goals. If you are in a leadership role or a person making tough decisions, then this course is for you.

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