Cisco is about to enter quantum calculations?

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Cisco (Cisco) is a world-leading network solution provider, 2020, US $ 51.94 billion, currently in the market value of $ 2010.5 billion. Forbes 2020 global brand worth 100 worth, Cisco ranks 15th place.

According to the QUANTUM DAILY, Cisco seems to be recruiting relevant personnel to occupy a leadership in quantum computing and quantum network. Alireza Shabani announced that he has begun to work in Cisco and added that he joined Cisco’s cause from the company’s long-term interest in quantum technology, mainly quantum computing and quantum communication.

Shabani is a senior research scientist in front of the quantum artificial intelligence laboratory, and a lecturer in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of Berkeley, California.

Cisco is currently looking for a quantum researcher with universities and research institutions. They recently proposed a request for quantum research.

According to this Suggestion: The future large-scale quantum computing system can accelerate the resolution of traditional problems, bringing unprecedented computing power. Molecular simulation from drugs and materials to artificial intelligence applications, network security improvements or financial modeling, quantum computers and algorithms will have extensive applicability. Therefore, it is critical to exploring how this computer communicates with all the potential to realize quantum calculations.

Specific research sectors include, but are not limited to, the following:

· Distributed / modular quantum computing architecture

· Hybrid classic / quantum architecture

· Quantum sensor

· Quantum memory

? Quantum network end-to-end transmission integrity and reliability improvement

· quantum network operation Mode

· Quantum Network Management and Operation

· Quantum Communication Optimization Protocol

? Quantum Algorithm

Cisco’s quantum technology Interests have increased, after Microsoft, Amazon and other giants entered the quantum calculation field, Cisco officially entered the game.

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