Is the custom glasses case really expensive

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Now more and more eyewear brands and optical shops like to custom glasses cases,cutomize the brand, address and phone number of their own brand or optical shop on the surface and lining of the glasses case.

custom glasses case
hard glasses case
hard eyeglass case

Generally speaking, when we talk about cutomizing, many people think that it will be expensive, but is it really? So our author would having a investigate today. First, we came to an optical shop. The optical shop used a non-customized glasses case. The owner said that the purchase price of these glasses cases is about 0.35usd/psc, but these glasses case has less styles, and not very beautiful, the most are hard glasses cases. Then the author came to the second optical shop. The glasses case sold here having a trademark of the optical shop on the case, but the styles were mostly less, and most of them was hard glasses case. It is understood that the purchase price of the glasses case of this optical shop is mostly around 0.5usd/psc, but the trademark on the surface of case is not well matched with the eyeglass case. After coming out of this store, the author came to the third optical shop. The owner of this shop is very proud to show his customized glasses case that he ordered from MINMO company. the author said that is a eyeglass case manufacturer, yes these eyeglass case are very really beautiful, and there are many customized styles from the simple hard eyeglass case to leather glasses case, and the customized optical shop logo and the various glasses case are very harmonious and design. After the owner introduced, this eyeglass case custom manufacturer called MINMO glasses has a strong design team, they can grab the core content from the trademark elements of various optical shops, and then reorganize the content, and finally design a perfect and coordinated custom glasses case. So, do you know what price of customizing for these glasses cases? The owner was kept secret at first. but after repeated questioning by the author, him finally said the truth. These glasses case are not expensive at all, it’s cheap! the average price of the hard eyeglass case is around 0.6usd/psc. And the styles are much better than the ordinary glasses case on the market. It seems that ordering a good-looking eyeglass case is not as expensive as you might think. So where can I order? After negotiation, the boss gave us a website, you can contact the company and will get a reback very soon.

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What kind of eyeglass case looks cool

eyeglass case

Everyone loves some beautiful things, including glasses cases, and the hard glasses case is a very important model. Nowadays, many young people like cool glasses cases, because it is more in line with their style. So what kind of glasses case is the coolest?

The following author lists some cool glasses cases.

The first is the cool hard glasses case, which is currently the most commonly used on the market. Its biggest advantage is that it is hard and compressive, so it can protect eyeglass very effectively. It is very suitable for men. So why does this glasses case look cool, first because of its shape is very square, more stylish. Usually people like to put it in the bag, they will not to worry about some heavy things will crush the eyeglass in case. So people can put it in everywhere. They can also put some earphone or accessories in it as they wish.

cool hard glasses case

There is also a kind of hard glasses case is very cool. It is different from a normal hard eyeglass case. Its whole body is assembled by hand. and it is looks very high-grade. It also has a light weight than the other hard glass case. Its style looks very modern, and it’s suitable for young people who like fashion and sport. This glasses case has been well received by consumers since its launch. Many large customers have very high purchases.

Followed by cool leather glasses case, this kind of case are most design for sunglasse, the original design idea is from the Ray-Ban glasses case, as you know, the leather sunglasses case for men is the most popular products in market. However, after the improvement of some glasses case manufacturer, it became a very fashionable and avant-garde shape, which is more handsome and cool than the original design. At a convenient price, this glasses case is cheaper than the original Ray-Ban glasses case. After reading this cool glasses case, I bet you will don’t want to use Ray-Ban any more.

cool leather glasses case

This leather glasses case have 3 colors for chose, they are blue, gun grey and brown, with an no-color embossed LOGO on the cover. Someone asked me, where did you find such a lot good-looking glasses case? Actually, I think I don’t need to clarify it. may be you have already know they come from MINMO. This eyeglass case manufacturer pays a lot for the development of original glasses cases, All of their new cool glasses case is well received by the market ones they launched, and their quality inspection procedures are very strict. So they have been trusted by many customers for so many years. If you need a high-end glasses case, Just get more information from their website is ok.

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Is the eyeglass case the home or the tomb of the glasses

eyeglass case

Is the eyeglass case the home or the tomb of the glasses

Nowadays, the styles of glasses are being updated. Some big brands launch new glasses styles almost every day, such as LV, GUCCI, CK, Versace and other big brands, which do not have too many features, mostly look similar, but their glasses case each has its own style.

soft leather glasses case

There are many similar eyewear brands, and every time new glasses are launched, some more fashionable glasses cases will be introduced. Over time, the style of the glasses case has also increased. There are many brand introduce some adds, such as: “Let your glasses stay in a five-star hotel” to describe the importance of eyeglass cases. But recently, the author heard someone said : “The case is not the home of the glasses. On the contrary, the case is the tomb of the glasses.” Then is this correct? The author recently interviewed a group of customers on this topic. After summing up, it can basically be three different opinions . The first group generally think that the case is the home of the glasses, the second group generally thinks that the case is the tomb of the glasses, and the third group thinks that the case is sometimes the house of the glasses, and sometimes tomb. So why do they say that, please read on.

First, is more optimistic about glasses case, thinking that the case is the home of glasses

1. Glasses case can effectively protect glasses and lenses

The glasses case is a tool for holding glasses for convenience of carrying. The glasses case is divided into many materials, such as iron, plastic, aluminum, etc. They can effectively prevent the damage caused by the outside world to the glasses, prevent deformation of the glasses, and prevent excessive scratches on the lenses. In addition, when placing glasses, it is recommended to use glasses cloth to wrap the lenses with the lenses facing down to protect the lenses to the greatest extent. All the glasses cases we produce can be moisture-proof, pressure-resistant, shock-proof, high-end quality, with a soft and comfortable lining, which will not cause wear and tear on your glasses. We have passed strict quality control for each case. Control and quality appraisal, and strive to ensure that customers can buy and rest assured.

hard eyeglass case

2. Eyeglass case can improve the sense of grade of glasses

A good eyeglass case is of high-end quality, with a soft inner lining, which can take good care of the glasses. The switch is flexible and can be easily closed. The appearance is simple and generous, the material is thick, the logo on the surface is clear and exquisite, and the details are flat and flawless. As the saying goes: “A good horse with a good saddle”, no matter how advanced the glasses are, a good lens case is needed to complement them. It can improve the grade of the glasses. Even an ordinary pair of glasses may have a price of only a few dozen yuan, but Put it in a high-end spectacle case, you can immediately find that it is completely new, different, the value immediately doubles, and its price exceeds $20. The case is not only a glasses storage case, but also a work of art. It can bring a “home” to the glasses, a “home” that doubles its value.

hard spectacle case

3.  Glasses case can enhance the user’s own level

A good glasses case can not only store glasses conveniently, but also enhance the level of the user. Suppose that a consumer takes out a stylish high-quality bulk glasses case from his bag in daily life, and the glasses are affordable in time, but such a high-quality packaging of glasses will make people immediately feel that the popularity is extraordinary general. Many things often show a person’s taste from the details. For a person who often uses glasses, the eyeglass case is a detail point that reflects the taste of the user.

leather sunglasses case

4. The glasses case can effectively classify the glasses you bought

For a spectacle collector or a person who often wears all kinds of glasses, storing glasses is a very troublesome thing. Lenses are fragile and need to be taken care of like a work of art. None of this is a problem. In addition to protecting the glasses case, it can also classify various types of glasses. For example, you can use the iron box to hold the optical glasses you often wear, and use a convenient folding box to store the sunglasses you need to wear when you go out. Different types of glasses can be stored in a multi-frame glasses case. The glasses can be protected from external damage, and they are classified one by one at a glance.

5. The frequency use of car glasses cases is still very high

I believe that friends who often drive will often use sunglasses, sunglasses can effectively resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the glasses, and make the field of vision clearer. There are many sundries on the car, such as driving licenses for change key gum tissues, etc. If the glasses are mixed in, it is difficult to find them on the one hand, and the sundries are very harmful to the lenses, which can easily scratch the lenses At this time, it is very important to have a glasses case. The storage of the case can effectively care for your glasses. If you do n’t wear sunglasses, you can put them in the case. Or you may wear optical glasses. When you need them, you can take off the glasses and take out the sunglasses, and put the glasses in the glasses case.

PU leather eyewear case

6. Especially like leather glasses case, always carry around

In recent years, leather spectacle cases have become more and more popular in the world. Leather spectacle cases have several advantages:

1. Lightweight and portable

2. Classic fashion

3. Resistant to deformation under pressure

4. Soft and wear-resistant.

As there are so many advantages and diversified styles, so it is loved by consumers. More and more people like to carry it and taking it as a necessity. It have even replaced the wallet, and the glasses case seems to become a necessity in life.

leather eyeglass case

7. Usually use a soft glasses case to store other items except glasses

The soft glasses case is light and portable. It is soft and resistant to pressure, and it can be carried around. In addition to storing glasses, soft cases have many other uses. For example, you can store your own mirror cloth, glasses cleaner, coins, mobile phones, earphone cables, keys, etc., and the storage range is very wide. The relative price of the eyeglass case is not high, and it is cheap. Compared with other storage cases, the price is much lower. It replaces the wallet. It’s easy to find, clean, and clear.


Second, is not very optimistic about glasses case, thinking that the case is the tomb of the glasses

1. I rarely use glasses, so I rarely use glasses cases

Because of his low eyesight, he rarely wears glasses. In the past, when I was in school, I used glasses only when I was in class. I can see things normally without wearing them outside. It would be a hindrance to wear glasses, so I kept them in my desk. After work, the glasses are only needed in the workplace, so it is left in its drawer. There are many similar people around me, and they all do the same as me, and rarely use glasses. People like us use glasses because they are basically in fixed places, so it is usually fixed in one place. Even if there is no case, we don’t need to worry about it being damaged. So the glasses case is not essential for us.

hard spectacle case

2. Don’t have a good habit to fix a place to store eyeglass case

Although I don’t wear glasses often, I can’t help buying a pair of good-looking glasses whenever I see new ones. Wearing the glasses less often will not damage the glasses, and over time, the glasses will be more and more. At home, in the living room and bedroom, there will be a few pairs of glasses everywhere, because I do not have the habit of packing things, some they are taken out of the case, I don’t know how to put them back after using them. Every time I need to use it again, I will look for a long time. I finally opened the eyeglass case, opened it, and only saw the glasses cloth lying quietly inside. The glasses had disappeared. Many times, the glasses that have been found out are put on their own, and they are not put in the case it should be, so that the glasses case becomes a furnishing.

leather eyewear case

3. The styles of the glasses cases are not good, so they are not often used

Every time I buy glasses, the clerk will give me a case with glasses. However, the case that the clerk takes is not good-looking. I want to pick a good pair of glasses myself, but I don’t like it.I am very happy to get my beloved glasses. I just want to show my friends my new glasses. When they took out the glasses case, they laughed at them and felt that the case was not good. I will not take it. Since then, I don’t use the case I sent to wear glasses. Even if I ’m in trouble, I’ll put it on directly. I’m afraid I will be laughed at when I take out the glasses case. It seems useless to me.

green glasses case

4. Hard eyeglass case is too heavy, so never carry it.

Nowadays in the optical shop, the glasses are basically hard glasses cases. Although the hard cases can protect the glasses from being damaged, it is also inconvenient to carry them. Not only it is heavy but also takes up space. The bag is small. After putting a case, you can basically not put other things. The weight of carrying a large bag will be very heavy, and it will be a burden to take it out. Sometimes when traveling, the weight of the suitcase is very heavy, and I always want to reduce my burden, so I don’t need to bring things that are not necessary at this time, but there are always some times that glasses are needed. At this time, I always bring it with me, which will not only reduces the weight of the glasses but also the weight of the lens case, so I do not carry a hard case when I go out.

hard eyeglasses case

5. The soft glasses case can not effectively protect the glasses, so it’s not necessary

Because I was concerned about the weight of the hard case, I wanted to change to a light case for the glasses. At this time, I found a soft case on the market, so I wanted to buy one. Once I was carrying a bag, there were a lot of things inside. I also put the glasses in a soft glasses case. However, when I took them out, I found that the glasses had been deformed. They can no longer be used, and this experience made me never dare to carry them with soft-packed glasses. Although the soft case says that the style is better than other lens cases, it can’t protect the glasses well. The glasses are easily crushed when put in, so I don’t use it very much.

soft leather sunglasses case

6. The plastic eyeglass case broke after a few days of use, and I simply throw away .

The lens case that comes out at first is usually a plastic case. I used to wear glasses with plastic cases. The quality of the plastic case is very poor, because the glasses that came with it were cheap, and the quality of the case can be understandable, but if you put the glasses in the case, it won’t be long before the lens case is easily crushed or broken. It doesn’t take long, so most of the cases I send are not used by me at home. Compared with other glasses case, the plastic case is cheaper and lighter, but the style is not good, and it can be used for a short period of time. It will not be used for various reasons. The plastic case that came with the glasses was usually thrown away after a few days.


Third, is neutral and thinks that the eyeglass case is sometimes useful and sometimes it is not.

1. Some glasses cases are often used in styles, and some glasses are ugly and useless.

Occasionally, the eyeglass case that I buy when I buy glasses will have a good-looking style. Generally, I will also carry it when I encounter a good-looking hard case. Although the weight of a hard case can become my own burden, only it can effectively protect glasses . Some ugly cases are also embarrassed to put out glasses, and they will not feel good when they see the unsightly cases, so this kind of case becomes the grave of glasses. Everyone has their own aesthetics. I believe that many people are like me. They are always willing to carry things when they see beauty. Who would wear clothes that they think are ugly and go out with them? The eyeglass case is also a The reason is that we will definitely use case we like, and we will not use it even if we throw it away.

pretty eyewear case

2. Even if the big brand glasses case is broken, the case is reluctant to throw away, and some miscellaneous brand cases are never used again.

Sometimes I don’t like the glasses case, but in order to avoid damage to the glasses, it is necessary to pack them. At this time, I will also buy some big brand cases such as GUCCI and CK. Although these big brand cases are good-looking and of cause better quality than other brands, their prices are also more expensive, so even if the case surface is scratched or the case is broken, I was still reluctant to throw it. The cases sent free by shop assistants are usually miscellaneous cards with their own logos. These cases are basically uniform in style and of poor quality. They are just a little part will have good-looking and practical, so most of the customer will not use. Some cases will even be thrown away. If you really need a good cases, people will also buy their favorite cases.

cloth glasses case

3. Other glasses cases don’t like it very much, only the case made by Minmou is the home of glasses.

Many friends around me think the case is not good-looking which send by the glasses shop, so they will buy a new case to pack their own glasses themself, but we found that some good-looking big brand lens cases are very expensive. But some miscellaneous brands are also good-looking, and the price is cheap, but also with poor quality, it will break shortly after use. Later, I accidentally bought a glasses case printed with MINMO. This case looks better than a high-end brand. I first thought that the quality would be bad, but after using it, I found that the Minmou eyeglass case is not only affordable but also good in quality.

black eyewear case

4. There are more style in Minmou

When I was shopping in the optical shop, I found this glasses case that made by Minmou . After I entered the shop, I realized that there are many kinds of cases in this shop. There are hard cases, soft leather cases, plastic cases, glasses pouch, and folding cases. Not only are there many types, but each type is also different in style. In other homes, the plastic cases are all uniform and have no good-looking style, while in Minmou’s shop, even the plastic cases have their own characteristics. Generally, the hard lens case is rectangular and oval shape suitable for adults, and Minmou will also design a small lens case suitable for small glasses for children. Therefore, there is no crowd limitation on the glasses case of Minmou. It is not only suitable for men, women, middle-aged or even children, they all have  spectacle cases that suit for them.

hard spectacle case

5. Because the design of the glasses case made by Minmou

Anyone who has used the Minmou glasses case knows that his case is different from other factories.They don’t just a single case with a color pattern. They will design different patterns on case according to the customer’s preference. If it is a case for children, they will design the cartoon pattern that children like on the surface, and the case for the elderly will generally use leather retro style to design the case. They for business people is basically simple Black and white rigid case. The cases of their house will also be designed as irregular cases, reflecting its uniqueness. Generally, such cases are selling well. Minmou constantly changes its design to keep up with the current trend and get the customers’ love.

leather eyeglass case

6. Because Minmou eyeglass case is for famous brand.

Later, I learned that Minmou is a glasses case processing factory. It not only makes cases for itself, but also provides wholesale glasses cases for other big brands, so the quality can always be guaranteed. Some people think that the big-name cases are of good quality and expensive, but they think that most of these big brands are made by MinMou, and the big brand LOGO is printed to become their own brand. We should not only value its brand when buying items. The quality of some of our niche brands is also very good, and even they will be processed for big brands, so we can look at the small brands around us, maybe in you will find new discoveries in these brands.

soft leather eyewear case

7. Because most customer are nonprofessional.

Many people don’t have too many requirements for glasses cases. Some of the cases that are send as a gift with glasses will be used. These people usually have broken cases and are not willing to buy glasses. And people who are willing to buy glasses with a case often choose big-name lens cases. They think that only big brands can guarantee the quality of items and reflect their identity. Few people buy as few people know what brand of case. Few people know, the circle of the glasses case is not the same as glasses, many people have a pursuit of glasses, and are willing to understand it. Relatively speaking,  few people know about the case. So MinMou is constantly innovating, designing beautiful, high quality glasses case to let customers remember them.

soft PU leather glasses case

The market for eyeglass cases is similar to the packaging market. Generally, good-looking cases are reluctant to throw away, and unsightly cases  are generally left unattended. The attributes of good-looking glasses cases are not just storage functions, but as a more important tools that reflect personal taste and grade. Therefore, the miscellaneous spectacle case is indeed the grave of glasses,the high-end spectacle case must be the home of the case, delaying your own home.

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How to distinguish the quality of eyeglass case

eyeglass case

How to distinguish the quality of eyeglass case

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people pay attention to the quality and taste of the products they use. As a common consumer product, glasses have attracted much attention, but few people pay attention to the brand and quality of the glasses case, which is actually a big misunderstanding. Because there is no much difference between the style and the quality of the glasses, the difference is mainly in the lenses and the glasses case. So how to distinguish the quality of glasses case?


1、 According to materials

The material of the spectacle case mainly refers to the surface material of the spectacle case. The surface material of the spectacle case are mainly include: real leather, PU, PVC, and plastic. Then the spectacle case made of real leather is the most high-end, but this type of spectacle case can not be mass produced. The spectacle case made of PU is very common and with many styles, it can meet most standards of environmental protection for mostly countries, The price of the spectacle case which made of pvc is cheaper, and the environmental protection performance is not as good as the spectacle case made of PU. The plastic spectacle case is the cheapest case, which is not comparable to other types of spectacle cases, but it is known that ABS material in plastic spectacle cases is the most expensive, strongest and upscale


2、 According to weight

Some people say that the lighter the case and the better quality, the main consideration here is easy to carry, but also to distinguish the style, such as microfiber pouch is the lightest, but not the best, because it can not effectively protect the glasses . And some people say that the heavier the glasses case is the better the quality. In fact, it makes sense, because weight means that the base material is sufficient, so it is strong enough, and most PU material hard glasses case are heavier than PVC material glasses cases. The quality is indeed better.

pink leather glasses case

3、 According to brand

We can easily see some big brand, such as LV, GUCCI, CK. But you may don’t know where these case made from.I heard that CK’s OEM factory is called MINMO. It is said that this case factory is very good, and it has recently upgraded the fully automated AI operating system, and has the world’s best quality control ability for glasses cases.

leather glasses case

4、 According to price

Is it true that the more expensive then with better quality ? In theory, it is true. As the saying goes, don’t buy the right one but only the expensive one, usually the wholesale glasses case is good and cheap. Now with the improvement of design capabilities and technical level, more and more glasses cases are indeed very expensive. For example, the most expensive glasses case of MINMO will be about 20 USD, but most of the procurement costs from manufacturers is below $ 2. I don’t know if it is true or not. If you are interested, you can visit our website to know more about it.

white hard glasses case

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Why the price of the glasses case is lower than wallets

glasses case

Why the price of the glasses case is lower than wallets

Everyone is familiar with wallet and it has a long history. Generally speaking, there will be a lot of money in beautiful style wallets. Compared to wallets, the manufacturing process of glasses cases is more complicated, but it’s market price is always lower than the wallet, why is this? Some people say that money-packed things are more expensive than those in glasses cases. Some people say that the materials used in wallets are more expensive than those in glasses cases.Then what is the truth, the author will reveal the secret for you.

I. Historical reasons:

The history of wallets is very long. With the advent of currency, wallets have naturally followed. The history has been around for more than 6000 years. The history of the glasses case is relatively short, not more than 400 years since the invention of the glasses. The ancients have always been low-key and would not expose money or gold and silver jewelry to the outside, so how can they show their own distinctiveness, then they must use some high-end wallets to show their identity. Therefore, the designer of the wallet will naturally design for some aristocracy in the society, and the price is also expensive. However, with the development of the times, wallets are becoming less and less necessary for people’s lives, and mobile payment has become more and more popular. Even so, it has not shaken the historical status of the wallet, it is still a necessity for people to show the quality of life. When we talk about spectacle cases, although its history is not long, it has developed rapidly. More and more people use high-end spectacle cases to show their own style and taste. According to customs data in recent years, the world The output of spectacle cases has been increasing year by year.

2. Manufacturing Process Reasons

The production of traditional wallets is more complicated, especially there are many hand-made components. Among them, many parts are involved in manual sewing. Due to the small size of the wallet, sewing and cutting in a limited space is very difficult, and the production efficiency is relatively low. However, with the development of industrialization, more and more wallet production processes have been replaced by automation, and the manufacturing cost has been reduced year by year. Especially with the change of modern aesthetics, people are more and more fond of following simple designs. Some manufacturing links also gradually simplify. But compared to wallets, the manufacturing process of glasses cases is simpler. The manufacturing process of general rigid foreskin glasses case is divided into these parts: steel stamping, leather cutting, leather attachment, blister attachment, assembly and LOGO production. At present, some domestic spectacle case manufacturing enterprises have developed intelligent and purely mechanized spectacle case assembly lines with more controllable quality and relatively low manufacturing costs. In terms of materials, with the prevalence of environmentalism, more and more leather materials are replaced by PU or PVC, so the manufacturing cost of both wallets and glasses cases is getting lower and lower. So far, the price of high-quanlity cases is almost the same as that of ordinary wallets. According to the author’s knowing, Mingmou Glasses Company has matured and put some automated glasses case lines into production. It also offers glasses case customize. Those who are interested can search on Google.

3. The reason for the style

There is no doubt that there are many styles of wallets. So far, humans have designed more than 100,000 wallet styles, but there are no more than 2,000 styles of glasses cases in the world. The style of the wallet is mainly soft materials, and the leather materials are also diverse. The style of the glasses case has a large span, which can be divided into hard glasses cases, soft leather cases, glasses bags, folding cases, and sports case and so on. Therefore, although the number of wallet styles is better than the number of cases, the scope of styles of the bulk glasses case far exceeds that of ordinary wallets. Does their price have anything to do with style? Of course there are, because the more styles, the higher the mass production cost of each model, so the mass production cost of the wallet is relatively high, and the wallet is a product that can be sold separately, with more styles and higher prices for one thing, consumers are still understandable.

4. Brand reasons

From a brand perspective, there are a lot of brands, from unknown small brands to big brands like LV and GUCCI. They value the wallet as the key product for their brand. The most expensive of these wallets can be sold for $ 10,000. Above, a slightly cheaper niche brand wallet can also sell for more than $ 5. The glasses case is completely different. There are very few brands of cases. On the contrary, there are many glasses brands. Many of the brands of cases are consistent with glasses, so there are almost no independent case brands. However, a brand called MINMO has recently appeared in Europe, which is very popular in the market. The price of their case is similar to that of ordinary niche brand wallets, generally around 5 dollars, but the design and style are consistent with the feelings of big-name wallets above 10,000 dollars. Later, the author searched Google for MINMO glasses case Companies, their family does have a lot of amazing cases, which the author has never seen before. It turned out that there are such excellent companies in the field of glasses cases.

5. Concept of reason

Most glasses case products are a bonus for buying glasses. In fact, it plays a role similar to zippers and is not usually sold separately. The role of wallets is mainly luggage products, which is a completely independent product line. Because few people spend money on glasses cases, once the glasses case is sold as a separate product, the price is difficult to estimate, and few people are willing to spend a lot of money to buy a glasses case. Wallets are different. Wallets are generally not sold with money. Therefore, wallets must be sold separately, and people are willing to spend more money to buy wallets. After all, this is something used to make money, and it also represents their own style.

In summary, not all wallets are more expensive than glasses cases, but most wallets are indeed more expensive than cases. The main reasons are various. The most important reason is the style and manufacturing costs. The glasses case is much more complicated, but with the continuous evolution of the glasses case, more and more complex and exquisitely designed products have gradually appeared, gradually surpassing ordinary wallet products, and entered the stage of selling products independently. It is believed that in the near future, the case will be accepted by more and more consumers, and they are willing to spend a large price to buy a beautiful glasses case.

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What kind of glasses cases are high-grade

glasses case

What kind of glasses cases are high-grade

Nowadays, more and more glasses cases are beautiful and fashionable, but it is hard to say its with high grade. So what kind of glasses case can be considered as high grade, let’s analyze together.

1、 Expensive means high-end?

In many people’s view,  high price means high-end, but not all expensive things are exquisite and with good quality. Some clothes and shoes are made of general materials and can be sold to consumers at high price by attaching big-name labels. These are so-called fakes. There are many fakes around us, and also for glasses case. When we go to the optical shop and see the expensive case as high-grade, because of the price, it will also limit the desire for some people to buy, and when we ignore the price itself to see its appearance, we really think it is upscale? Do we really think its style value the price?

2、 Good looking means high-end?

When we go to the mall and will see a beautiful clothes at a glance, and the price is high, we will think that all the good-looking items are high-end, but won’t we encounter beautiful clothes when we visit a small shop? When we see friends who take glasses out of the case, they will think that it as a high-end case because it’s exquisite. But usually it’s cheap, not high-end brand. Therefore, it’s a wrong opinion. Some are cheap case without brands also have a lot of good-looking styles. However, most of them are with poor quality, and it will be damaged within a short time. Do you still think it is upscale in this situation?

3、 Good materials means high-end?

Some people will pursuit quality and think that the use of top-quality glasses cases are all high-end. Their quality is guaranteed, but these cases are not exquisite. Some are traditional black styles. This type of case appears to many people as an ordinary case. We can only see its appearance but don’t know its material, we don’t know much about these materials, those who understand it will think it is a high-end case, and for people who only care about the shape, it is a simple, unattractive case. Most people even know that it has super high quality, but when seeing its mundane style then will not think it as a high-end case

4、 Famous brand means high-end?

Many big-name luxury goods are speculated, these things are both fashionable and expensive. Most people think that big-name eyeglass cases are high-end, and some people are happy to buy them. Does the big brand really use the best materials? their quality can be guaranteed? I believe that many people who have used big names will hard to answer this question, and some people find that after using them, big names do not have their advantages over ordinary brands of good quality. I think a high-end eyeglass case is not only reflected in the brand price and appearance, but also should pay attention to its quality issues. Customers who have paid a high price for it should let them see real high-quality products.

5、 Used by super-star means high-end?

Now many people who chase the stars will think that the eyeglasses carried by them are high-end. These people will even buy the same models from various channels. What we do n’t know is that these things may be produced by a small factory. Finally, it was posted with the same star label. Some celebrities like to use expensive boxes of big brands. When we see it in the hands of celebrities, they will look good and have characteristics, but when we really buy it, will we really feel that it looks better than other cases? Just like a piece of clothing, the effect of wearing it on the star and ourselves will be obvious. These glasses cases have been upgraded by the star.

6、 MINMO’s case means high-end?

Some people who know the Chinese glasses case market will know some factories more or less. Danyang Optical City is located in China and even the world’s professional eyewear market, leading the new trend of the Chinese eyewear market. In many places and even abroad customers will come to Danyang to buy glasses. These customers will buy glasses cases when they wholesale their glasses. When they see that the glasses city’s case is a style rigid case, they will find a variety of glasses cases factory. Finally, they locked the Mingmou factory. It has a variety of cases, not only hard cases, plastic cases, handmade cases, folding cases, but also soft leather glasses cases, eyeglass cases. After customers use it, they think the case is of good quality and looks like It is also beautiful, and you will think that it is a high-end case, but it is not a big brand. People who do n’t know well will think it is high-end?

In summary, if a spectacle case has only one of the above characteristics, it is not considered as high-end. When the case has the following characteristics, it can be regarded as a high-end and perfect case. One is using high-quality materials, the second is exquisite design, the third is expensive, the fourth is excellent brand, and the fifth is favored by many celebrities.

So where can we buy such a glasses case?

1、 Visiting Spectacles shop

The reporter visited some glasses shops in the streets of Paris. The glasses here are very exquisite, but the glasses case was not displayed. When the reporter and the store salesman chatted, they learned that the cases are hidden under the counter. When the clerk turned out the case, the reporter found that they were all hard cases, and there was no brand, which looked cheaper.

Later, the reporter visited an optical store in London and found that only a small number of glasses cases were placed on the counter in this optical store, most of which were used to set off the glasses. These cases are big brands with high prices, and they are not very exquisite, but its brand has enhanced its value.

2、 Visiting Bag-shop

Later, the reporter visited some luggage stores, and found that there were very few glasses cases, mostly women’s bags, and very few stores had cases in them, usually fine soft cases. Ordinary rigid cases and plastic cases never appear inside, which limits the choice of customers. So the reporter intends to ask the shop assistant why there are no other styles of cases. From the shop assistant’s mouth, I know that most people who buy bags and luggage rarely buy cases with glasses. They also sell soft cases because they are like wallets and can attract consumers. Everyone knows that soft glasses with soft texture can easily damage the lenses. People want to buy hard, good materials and no drop-resistant boxes. So if you want to buy a glasses case, do n’t go to the luggage store.

3、 By visit Amazon

The reporter visited some optical shops without any grain , so when I think of the online mall, we all know that this is the Internet era. Many people buy things they want on Alibaba when they do n’t want to go out. Amazon is the main cross-border e-commerce platform in various countries around the world. When countries want to shop online, they usually use Amazon, which is as complete as Alibaba. The reporter saw that there are many types of glasses cases, and the prices of big brands are also high. Because it is online, the reporter cannot touch the case, so I do n’t know what the quality is. We all know that there are many fakes online. I spent a lot of money to buy fake things home, and I will definitely be unhappy. So the reporter wanted to continue to visit other places to find better buying channels for customers.

4、 By visit wholesale market

The reporter came to the wholesale market and wanted to get a new receipt. Found that the wholesale market is almost hard case and plastic case, the price is cheap, a lot of types, the appearance is also good-looking, but touch feeling is poor. Then I learned that most of them supply to glasses city, and the glasses city needs hard glasses case are usually cheap, because the case they need to give them as free ,the store does not need to buy high-quality cases at a high price to consumers.The merchants in the wholesale market thought that the high-priced cases were hard to sell, and if they sold alone, they could not make money, so the wholesale market rarely had high-end glasses cases.

5、 By visit Chinese Factory

In the end, the reporter visited some factories in China. The big and small factories have very different kinds of eyeglass cases. Some factories have good quality and high prices, but their styles are bad. Some are very cheap. Finally, the Mingmu factory locked by the reporter, after looking at its sample room, knew that there could be so many types and styles of original bulk glasses cases. His case is slightly more expensive, exquisite in style, and good in quality. Through contact with the salesman, the reporter learned that his family not only supplies domestic products, but also many foreign customers, and also provides customized LOGOs for customers. Customers who bought the products think that his case is a good choice. The reporter successfully completed his task, and customers who want to buy glasses cases can go to MINMO

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Where should I wholesale eyeglass case


Where should I wholesale eyeglass case

With the development of the times, more and more eyewear brands have emerged. At the same time, because of the small surface area of the glasses itself, it is difficult to have significant brand characteristics, so more and more eyewear brands are looking for some high-end packaging of the eyeglass case is used to enhance its own value and express the brand’s appeal. So a question that troubles many eyewear brand owners is coming. Where should I wholesale eyeglass case? I believe that after reading this article, you should have a good answer to this question.

I. How to get glasses case supplier information online.

With the development of e-commerce, more and more online purchasing channels and platforms have emerged. In addition to traditional Google, Bing and Yahoo, there are some integrated e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Global Manufacturing Network. At the same time, it is precisely because the Internet channels are too developed that the barriers to entry have been reduced year by year, leading to market too complicated, so that many buyers have no way to start. But don’t worry, the author, as a veteran of the glasses case industry, will take you to find out.

The first type of channel starts with a large search engine such as Google.

As the world ’s largest search site, it can continue to maintain the throne of the world ’s largest search volume today, thanks to its purpose: “From beginning to end Bring the best experience to customers. ” Therefore, people generally search for two different results on the Google search engine, one is paid ad ranking, and the other is natural search ranking. There is no doubt that advertising paid rankings, as long as it does not violate the law, you can get a better ranking; and natural ranking is Google’s comprehensive evaluation of this website from various latitudes according to its own algorithm, such as website age, customer clickthrough rate and retention, website weight, external link weight, and customer satisfaction to ensure that users will get a better experience. So if you search for the glasses case factory on Google’s website, the top non-advertisement glasses case website is basically very reliable. Then the author personally searched for “glasses case” on Google, and a total of 70,400,000 results appeared as follows:

glasses case google

In addition to several trading platforms, we found that there is a spectacle case company called MINMO and a Tianyi spectacle case company in the top two. The two of them have many styles, but it is clear that the bulk glasses case designed by MINMO is more exquisite. It is located in Danyang, I know that place is the world’s eyeglass capital, and Tianyi is located in Xinhe County, Hebei province, China. Because the author has worked in Danyang and Hebei, he probably knows about these two companies.

bulk glasses case MINMO

Regarding to MINMO, this company undertakes the design and manufacture of many world-class big-name glasses, such as CK, ZENNI, etc.they can provide rapid customization of glasses cases, so it can be seen from the company’s website that they are good at in design and quality. At the same time, according to the author’s previous work experience, their disadvantages are that the materials are too solid and the cost is more, but compared to the price of glasses, this cost should not be too much for the eyewear brand. After all, it is good. Eyeglass cases can bring double profits to eyewear brands. Regarding the website of Hebei Tianyi glasses case company, the design is obviously rough, it should be a relatively ordinary factory, and the style is messy, and the browsing experience is not very good.

glasses case

If it is the author’s choice, I will definitely send an inquiry to MINMO, hoping that their service experience is as perfect as their website.

The second channel is some integrated online trading platforms such as made-in-china and alibaba.

The biggest advantage of these platforms is that there are more suppliers. When you post an inquiry, there will be a lot of suppliers flocking to quote, and you may get a good price. But it is also full of disadvantages, that is, his ranking mechanism is mainly based on paid ranking. No matter how many years of industry experience and transaction history you have, you may be squeezed into the back row by paid advertising. As long as you settle in Alibaba Platform and pay a lot of money, you can get a good ranking without asking. The author personally experienced it, and also searched for “glasses case factory”. There was no other glasses case company in the previous ranking. Therefore, as a novice buyer, it is really difficult to choose among so many glasses case suppliers, it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the suppliers and more likely to be cheated.

glasses case alibaba

II. Where are most of the glasses case manufacturers located?

There are eyeglass case suppliers all over the world. Whether it is a European country with a long history, such as Italy, France, or Germany, or China with a highly developed modern industry, or even India, which has just emerged, there are large and small different types and sizes of glasses case companies. So let’s start with these three places.

1. First, let’s talk about the supplier of glasses cases in Italy

Why we say a supplier? Because many of these suppliers do not have their own workshops or factories, but instead send them to other countries for processing and import. But it is usually named as: “original design in Italy”. In fact, this is also normal, and many big brands do the same. Then let’s talk about the companies that actually produce eyewear cases in this country. Due to the higher taxes and labor costs in Italy, and the law also strictly defines their working hours, they tend to work less efficiently. It mainly produces full-hand-stitched leather glasses cases. Due to the relatively high labor costs in Europe and the United States, the prices are also very expensive. Fortunately, the demand for handmade leather eyewear cases is not very large, so they are not anxious to recruit or introduce equipment for mass production. You can check it out, or search for their specific location and name on Google.

2. Then let’s talk about China’s glasses case factory

Then let’s talk about China. China’s spectacle case industry is mainly distributed in three places, one is Hebei, China, the other is China’s Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, and the other is Guangdong, Fujian, China. Each of these three places has its own unique case. First, let’s talk about Hebei, China. Hebei is a newly emerging industrial province in China. Due to its relatively cheap labor and land prices and incomplete government rules and regulations, the development pattern is relatively brutal, and many labor-intensive industries have emerged. Small and medium-sized enterprises, including eyeglass case companies. In the past few years, the price of their glasses cases was very cheap, but with the reasons of government regulations and rising wages, they gradually lost their initial price advantage. A friend of the author used to work there. It is understood that many of the leather materials they use to make sunglasses cases are recycled leather materials. Environmental protection requirements are difficult to meet the standards of developed countries in all aspects, and the delivery time is relatively unstable. Whether you can deliver on time depends on the mood of the owner of the small factory, and sometimes their boss is also financial, so the fund management is also relatively chaotic. The author does not recommend going to this place if you are not pursuing extreme value for money. Secondly, let’s talk about the suppliers in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang region. The suppliers in this area should be regarded as the first batch of established suppliers in China, because they have a long operating history, complete industrial facilities and supporting facilities, and have a high degree of integrity in doing business. Although labor wages have increased year by year, some companies have completed mechanized transformation as a priority, and prices can still be controlled within a reasonable range. Specific industrial agglomeration cities are mainly located in Danyang, Jiangsu, Wuxi, Jiangsu, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, and Yiwu, Zhejiang. In recent years, the local government in Jiangsu and Zhejiang has supported the development of modern manufacturing, and has given many subsidies and preferential policies. Many companies have introduced Automated production equipment, quality stability and delivery time are more stable and controllable. The author recommends going to this area to purchase glasses cases. Once again, let’s talk about the glasses case industry in the Guangdong region of Fujian. Because Guangdong is close to Hong Kong, its fashion elements are more directly and avant-garde. Many excellent leather patterns and designs have emerged from Guangdong. At the same time, Guangzhou flowers have the largest in the country. As a raw material wholesale base, many companies, including Jiangsu and Zhejiang, went to Guangdong to find more avant-garde fabric patterns and other design inspiration. Because of the existence of these core advantages, in the early years, due to the large number of migrant workers outside the country, the price still had a certain advantage, but in recent years, due to the rise of the return to hometown, labor costs have increased year by year. High, and industrial enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions will regularly come to Guangdong to purchase the latest models of raw materials. So in general, the differences between Guangdong, Fujian and Jiangsu and Zhejiang are not very big. If you are looking for special shapes or special fabrics, or you have an office in Hong Kong, the author still recommends purchasing from Guangdong.

3.Finally, let’s talk about the glasses case factory in India.

India ’s industrial development in the past two years has been very rapid, and the eyeglass case industry has also emerged. However, because the overall industrial scale of India is not yet perfect, and the industrial agglomeration effect cannot be exerted, it is impossible to obtain some stable equipment and high-quality supplies. Most of them The style and leather materials of the glasses case are relatively old. At the same time, the accompanying advantage is that the price is very different from that of China’s Hebei, but because India’s legal system for industrial exports is not perfect, its integrity is low. So if you are pursuing extreme cost-effectiveness, the author still recommends you to order in Hebei, China. If there is a problem with the product, it is better to deal with it. In summary, if you are the owner of an emerging eyewear brand, you can use Google search engine to find non-advertising eyeglass case factories or suppliers. Generally, the ones that are ranked higher are very competitive and generally Will bring you a good purchasing experience. According to the results found on Google, you should choose a supplier in the appropriate region according to your own needs. If you are pursuing the ultimate cost performance and there are no strict requirements on quality and delivery time, it is recommended that you go to Hebei, China. If you have certain requirements on quality and design and delivery time, it is recommended that you go to Jiangsu and Zhejiang to purchase. If you are extremely pursuing new designs and high-end fabrics and are not sensitive to the price, it is recommended that you go to Italy or Guangdong and Fujian. I believe that after reading my article, you should already know where to order glasses cases, right? Hurry up and try to do it!

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How to save cost for shipping glasses case

glasses case

How to save cost for shipping glasses case


Many optical shop owners and small and medium-sized glasses brand owners are more and more caring about wrapping their own brand by glasses case, but because of the most of glasses case are very big, especially sunglasses case, the cost of transportation has been a worth considering problem, especially some small and medium-sized brand owners from European and American regions, they won’t wholesale glasses case too much at one time, so the prefer to use air shipping or by courier, but shipping cost even higher than goods valve. so how should we do to avoid this problem, I believe you will have answer after reading this article.


Plan-1:Centralized Shipping


As the name implies, it means ship the cases to frames factory first and then pack and ship together.Then it can save almost half of shipping and custom cost.Because only need custom frames and put case as free package.If you purchase in China, it will be very convenience, because China has the world’s most advanced logistics system.


delivery glasses case




1.Whether ship case to frames factory or ship frames to case factory, pay attention to the trading term is not EXW , because EXW means you have to arrange picking up goods from the factory, it is not include any delivery cost,You’d better choose  FCA or CPT , then one of them will arrange shipping goods to another factory to avoid unnecessary troubles.


2. When entrusting the factory for repacking, because the package is considered for shipment, the product is likely to be directly sold on the shelf. Therefore, we must make full use of China’s cheap labor resources. When entrusting repackaging, we should also entrust the third party to send All the eyeglass cases coming through are inspected. At the same time, the inspection precautions should be explained with the eyeglass case supplier or the eyeglass factory, and more inspection products should be prepared to prevent incomplete goods caused by the defective rate. Because when the factory is doing the repackaging stage, it is already in the customs declaration process, and the number of customs declarations must be consistent with the number of products before shipment.


packing glasses case


Plan-2: DDP Trading method


The so-called DDP is described in detail as: Delivered Duty Paid. The main expression is that the carrier sends the goods to the delivery place designated by the customer and delivers the goods after tax payment. Generally speaking, this kind of delivery method has to mention DDU. Although it looks similar, it is quite different. Because the most important difference between them is whether the carrier has paid all taxes and fees and bears all risks. In other words, if the DDU delivery method is selected, the seller only needs to bear all the freight and risks for the delivery of the goods to the customer’s designated destination, and the buyer shall bear the duties, taxes, and other official costs payable on import, Although these costs do not necessarily need to be paid immediately by the buyer, if you are found to have tax evasion, the risk is still high. And if you choose the DDP trade method, the buyer does not need to worry about all the problems of its goods, they just need to use them or sell them again. Just like domestic trading. The biggest advantage of choosing this method of trading is that a buyer and a seller have agreed on a DDP price, and the seller will try to bargain with the transporter to reduce the price as much as possible to reduce the logistics cost to the minimum. Buyers do not have any pressure and unnecessary operations.




Customers who choose the DDP trading method should pay attention to the quantity when placing an order. Generally, the number of hard glasses case is about 50,000 (which is exactly a full container of 40 feet). In fact, there are also 20 feet containers, but why the author does not recommend. Well, if there are less than 50,000 glasses cases, other customs declarations and miscellaneous charges will still be collected by local customs, and the final price will be expensive too. Therefore, this method is more suitable for small and medium-sized traders who have good demand for the purchase of glasses cases, but who are not very good at international tradeing.


DDU glasses case


Plan-3:Chose the new style glasses case


This scheme is accepted by more and more glasses brand owners now,  along with the development of the glasses packaging industry, lightweight and folding glasses case are  gradually pushed to the stage of history, and then we will tally up what kind of case can be choose.


1. Folding glasses case


The invention of foldable glasses case was sensational, this kind of case can not only reduce logistic costs, but also increase the capacity of purchasing  and carrying , because we don’t need case when wearing glasses, so if case is too big or too heavy, people usually do not carry it.But if the case can be folded, then will not only occupy little space, so they are very willing to buy such cases. The author search “folding glasses case”on Google , find a supplier called MINMO on the front page position .Click to enter and found the suppliers have many styles of  folding case, typically cost is around $1.


folding glasses case MINMO


And most of this case is triangle, compressive strength and stability is very good, to be surprised, there are also a lot of paper folding glasses cases.At the same time the author search out some folding glasses case on alibaba, but the author has selectively phobia, and unable to distinguish between relative merits, so don’t recommend buying in alibaba.


folding glasses case


2. Plastic glasses case


The characteristics of this kind of glasses case is light and its price is is cheaper, the selling price cannot be too high, because very few people will pay for a plastic glasses case, unless its design is excellent or awe.But fortunately, the author found impressive plastic eyeglasses case from MINMO website, I live in Germany now and opened three stores here, really want to know who purchased the plastic case, then I can wholesale printed with my LOGO, it will be very popular.


clear glasses case


3、 Glasses pouch


Compared to glasses cases, glasses bag actually can not protect the frames very well. But it is extremely cheap.The average price average less than $0.3 and easy to storage, Many friends around me who do glasses business will order them together with traditional eyeglasses case. But when it comes to the role of glasses bag, is also a very wide range, because glasses bag its popular name is “POUCH”, is widely refers to the small cloth bag, and not only can hold glasses products, so to purchase more of this kind of goods will be no harmless, after all, it’s very easy to sell.




Better choose supplier who rank in the top on google searching, because it is a mixed up market now. One of my friend picked a supplier from a trading website, not only delay delivery time, but also seized by customs because of environmental problem, more harm than good.


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7 trivias about eyeglass case that 99% of people don’t know

7 trivias about glasses cases that 99% of people don’t know

1. Who invented the earliest glasses case in the world?

The earliest glasses case in the world is a leather glasses case invented by Ray-Ban. This Ray-Ban case was originally made of genuine leather. It feels great and is still in the Ray-Ban Museum now.

2. Which is the lightest eyeglass case in the world?

The weight of the hard eyeglass case is generally between 50g and 200g, but in the case of a glasses case without a skeleton structure, the glasses pouch should be the lightest eyeglass case, and its weight is generally between 5-20g. However, such a spectacle case cannot effectively protect the glasses themselves from being crushed.

3. What material is the lining of the glasses case?

The lining of the glasses case is made of a material called blister + flocking. It is glued to the inside of the case of the glasses case. The color can be customized according to the user’s preference. We can even print some pattern on the the lining of the case at the same time, this material is effective against vibration and friction damage to the lens.

4. What are the manufacturers of glasses cases mainly distributed in the world?

Most of the world’s glasses case manufacturers and suppliers are located in China and India, and high-end glasses case, especially leather glasses case and leather sunglasses case are mainly distributed in Europe, such as Italy and France. In China a company named MINMO is a very famous eyeglass case factory.

5. What kind of people will spend money to buy glasses cases?

The general glasses case is given by the store when people wear glasses. However, these glasses cases are often cheap glasses cases, and high-end glasses boxes are only given by big-name glasses manufacturers, so there are fewer people who spend money to buy glasses cases, mostly young people who are pursuing fashion.

6. How much is the cost price of the glasses case?

There are many types of glasses cases. The cost of a hard eyeglass case is about 0.4-0.8 dollars, the cost of a leather glasses case is about 0.60-1.0 dollars, and the cost of a plastic glasses case is about 0.2-0.3 dollars.

7. Which is the most sold glasses case in the world?

The most sold glasses case in the world should be Ray-Ban glasses case. This type of glasses case has no patents. Many smaller glasses brands also use the Ray-Ban glasses case, followed by hard glasses case.

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Small glasses case, Full of changes

Small glasses case, Full of changes

What is fashion, fashion is to match. The concept of match has been integrated into people’s work, travel, and study life. Girls’ bags, boys’ watches, children’s shoes, and even the old man’s crutches are a kind of matching elements. However, about matching, there is a small role that is very inconspicuous, but it plays a key role in the match. This kind of thing is almost everyone, that is the glasses case. In many people’s impressions, the eyeglass case is just a very normal object, it has nothing to do with fashion. But you think, an exquisite urban girl, drove to a date, went to the coffee shop, wanted to take off the glasses, at this time, she took out a black, rectangular, worn-out glasses case from the bag, emmmm