Can Your Employees Benefit from MCE Microsoft 365 Administrator Certification?

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Getting your employees the training they need can help bring your business to new levels of efficiency. Learn more about what a MCE Microsoft 365 Enterprise Administrator Certification can do for your employees.

Microsoft reports that up to 72% of business employers require IT certification for specific jobs today. If your business is not taking advantage of these certifications, you may be missing out.

The companies using these certified IT employees are growing, and they are quite pleased with the work they are getting from these trained employees. They value employees who have received an MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) or a MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) enough to pay them up to $16,000 more than their peers who have not received training. If you are not in on this now, your business is missing the boat.

Why is this training so important?

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The cloud is coming, and in all reality, the cloud is already here. The early adopters of cloud technology have already moved their data, their services, and sometimes their entire businesses to cloud networks and are saving themselves the cost and headache of maintaining their own servers.

It is no longer a bold move, it is the right move for today. To grow quickly in the market today, your business has to be incredibly mobile, flexible, and adaptable. The cloud allows you to do that.

However, your access to the cloud is often limited by your skills to access and dispatch products and services to and from the cloud servers you use. Your IT personnel who are trained to manage home-based servers and home-based technology will find themselves at a loss when it comes to working in the cloud. Specialized training is in order. This leaves you two choices.

Either you hire new cloud-trained IT employees (and potentially lay off your former IT team), or you can send your current employees to get the training they need to boost their skills and learn to operate in the cloud.

Microsoft 365 Certified Administrator Expert Certification

There are some new changes that Microsoft made in 2018 and plan on making into 2019, and most of these relate to retiring server-based technology training and moving it to the cloud. Microsoft 365 is an excellent example of this.

Almost every business is at least familiar with Microsoft Office. Ten years ago, Microsoft Office was installed onto business computers with a master DVD and either individual or a business license.

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IT employees had to install this software manually on every computer.

Today, much of that functionality can be accessed online, without installing anything at all, and the whole Office suite has moved to a subscription-based model that allows you to download the necessary software to whatever number of computers you are licensed to use. The services are very similar, but the way you access those services has changed entirely.

What this means for your business is that everything can move faster. It also means there is another dynamic at work in the cloud. When malfunctions occur, it is no longer a question of merely hardware vs. software in the breakdown. Now there is the additional possibility of cloud and cloud communication added into the mix… even for something like loading documents in Microsoft Word.

Another major shift in IT responsibility that the cloud opens up is with security. Confidential documents and data need to be handled with extra care when you are working with cloud-based technology, to prevent breaches and exposure of sensitive data. Your employees need specialized training to know how to protect this information, and this certification will help them do that.

Training vs. Hiring

There is no question of whether your business needs access to this training. You need it if you want to grow and keep up with the fast-paced, mobile market today. Your only question is whether to hire new employees or train the ones you have.

That answer will ultimately come down to how well you work with your existing team. People with Microsoft Certified Administrator Expert Certification do not come cheap so replacing new employees may end up costing you more in salaries as well as in the hiring process.

If you let go of older employees, you risk starting a new relationship with someone with whom you have not yet built up trust and understanding. Generally, there is enough transition that takes place in educating your business to adapt their work to the cloud that you would be better off not adding new faces into the mix as well.

Additionally, your employees will see this training as your investment in them. Every business is looking for quality employees with these cloud-based IT certifications, and it is easy to lose them to headhunters from other companies. You can inspire loyalty with them by investing in your own employees and getting them this certified training.

The days of cloud-based business are here, and if you want to be a competitor in the market today, you need access and the skills to function well in the cloud. Get your IT team the training they need with Microsoft Certifications.

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