Best Security Podcasts for 2017

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Estimated reading time: 4 minutesIt’s time to get into gear for 2017.One of the most important aspects of being a security professional is staying up to date with trends, best practices, and current events. News websites and other social media websites are great ways to keep up, but?people often forget the value that podcasts bring to the table. So if you are looking for resources of information that can provide you fresh and unbiased opinions in security, this compiled list of security podcasts is a great resource.My Favourite PodcastsThe podcasts listed below are the ones I consider as my bread and butter, and which I listen on a weekly basis on my drive to work. The hours we spend in traffic although not fun, can be of great value to get us up to speed and arrive in the office with fresh information that can help us throughout the day. So take advantage of those boring hours and get your head in the zone before getting to the office.Risky Biz: Probably one of the best-produced security podcasts and my favourite?on this list. Risky Biz was created in February 2007 and is about to complete its 10th year with 437 episodes. Risky Biz is hosted by the Australian Infosec journalist Patrick Gray (@riskybusiness)?and is co-hosted by Adam Boileau (@metlstorm) from Insomnia Security. Patrick takes a light-hearted look at information security news?and is constantly exploring new security concerns. The show typically performs 2 interviews with other high-profile security professionals or security vendors to discuss a variety of security related subjects. Show notes are also provided with links to each story and concept covered. The podcast has received the award of Best Security Podcast in 2016.Defensive Security: The Defensive Security Podcast, is hosted by Jerry Bell (@maliciouslink) and Andrew Kalat (@lerg). They take a close look at recent security news and discuss each one providing a fresh perspective on the subjects based on their industry experience. Episodes are typically published on a weekly basis. Defensive security was the first podcast I started listening to and has provided me great insight on a variety of subjects.Brakeing Down Security: The Brakeing Down Security podcast is hosted by Bryan Brake (@bryanbrake) and co-hosted by Brian Boettcher (@boettcherpwned). Bryan and Brian, are two very passionate security professionals and their passion for Infosec resonates throughout all the episodes.

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The podcasts?focus on discussing fundamental and advanced information security subjects. There are many educational subjects in each episode, which help us to refresh our minds. The show also invites information security professionals for interviews about different topics, such as penetration test, incident response, application security, security architecture etc.Bryan Brake (@daraniya) is also on Cybrary, posting his podcasts to the blog etc. If you’d like to follow him, do it here.SANS Internet Storm Center: The ISC was created in 2001. The podcast is a brief daily summary of the most important information security threat updates. The podcast is published daily and designed to get you ready for the day with a brief, usually 5-10 minute summary of current network security related events. The ISC relies on an all-volunteer effort to detect problems, analyze the threat, and disseminate both technical as well as procedural information to the general public.Data Breach Today: DataBreachToday provides insightful audio interviews with the most knowledgeable leading security practitioners and thought-leaders. Each episode is published daily and lasts typically between 15-20 minutes.Other Great PodcastsAdvanced Persistent Security: It is an information security blog and podcast. The podcast is focused on educating about information security, cyber security, privacy, open source software, open source intelligence (OSINT) and other issues.The Silver Bullet Security: This podcast is released monthly and is Co-sponsored by Cigital and IEEE Security and Privacy. It is hosted by Gary McGraw, and features interviews with security industry leaders.CyDEFE: CyDEFE is a network security podcast that breaks down network security cyber security news to help security professionals. The podcast is sponsored in part by Cybrary which is an information security and IT learning website. They publish their best posts biweekly in the Cybrary blog.?You can also search “CyDefe” in the search bar on the top right of the page to see everything they’ve posted, or visit their Cybrary profile @cydefe.Paul’s Security Weekly: This is the longest-running security podcast of this list and is going strong since 2005. The podcast discusses security news, analysis and interviews with other security professionals in the industry.I could go on with the list of available security podcasts out there, but the list in this article includes the ones that I consider to be top-notch today. If you have any suggestions for other podcasts, feel free to leave your comments. Thank you, everyone. Enjoy!

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