Rigid orthotics

Orthotics that are stiff Due to an aging population that is increasingly prone to bone illnesses and injuries, the market for orthopaedic devices is likely to rise in the coming years. Improved accessibility and affordability of orthopaedic devices, as well as a rise in the […]

EVA foam

EVA foam? EVA is the English abbreviation of ethylene – vinyl acetate copolymer, is composed of non-polar, crystalline ethylene monomer and strong polar, non-crystalline vinyl acetate monomer (also known as VA) random copolymer. Compared with PE, EVA reduces crystallinity, improves flexibility, impact resistance, filler mixing […]

Orthotic insoles Overview

Orthotic insoles Overview Orthotic insoles can be divided into three types according to the production method: prefabricated, customized, and customized-molded. 1. Prefabricated orthotic insoles Prefabricated orthotic insoles refer to various prefabricated foot orthopedic components that are mass-produced and can be directly used by patients without […]