Artificial intelligence, 5G, Internet of Things, which technology is changing human society?

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When artificial intelligence or AI meets the Internet of Things, AIOT is born! – That is: the artificial intelligence of the Internet of Things. So what is Aiot? What is its use?

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is an increasing number of devices connected to the Internet and relay data. The Internet of Things is helping to operate operational optimization from transportation to each industry that is retail to health care to seek collection and utilize as many data as possible.

When we witnesses the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IOT), most people may think: “Too good, we will get a lot of data!” But with the vast amount of data in cross industry Stacked, people’s topics may be transferred to: “Great, how do we understand so much data?”

Internet of Things is an emerging technology, can connect to virtual and reality, whether it is mobile phone , Tablet still wearable equipment, virtual assistant, smart home appliances, etc. Within a global scale, billions of devices can communicate and share information, and can collect real-time data from these devices at the same time.

According to IDC data, by 2025, 41.6 billion IoT connection equipment will produce 79.4 ZB data per year. By 2024, the scale of the Internet of Things is expected to reach 2.7 trillion US dollars, which will continue.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence appears as a powerful analysis tool, it can get information more quickly, more accurately, more accurately and more accurately to the data scientist model. When you apply AI to IOT device data, you will get intelligent analysis.

The initial AI is the dark blue of IBM defeated the Chess Master Gary Kasparov, and Watson defeated all people (Jeopardy!). Especially with the launch of virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa and the addition of facial identification software, artificial intelligence (Aiot) combines the AI ??and IoT infrastructure to improve IOT.

AI powerful data analysis function helps extract meaningful information and insights from the data collected by the IOT device. Artificial intelligence can also help Internet access to interact with humans and other objects and make independent decisions. The IOT device is like the terminal of the nervous system, and AI is a brain that controls the nervous system to handle information from the terminal and make decisions.

Internet of Things + Ai

Internet of Things artificial intelligence is leading more intelligent future. For example, smart home can now send data to remind the homeowner to leak in the home, and close the faucet to minimize damage.

Smart city can alleviate traffic issues by analyzing traffic patterns and adjust traffic lights to adapt to normal levels of traffic due to accidental traffic accidents or events.

Smart wearable device can report data about patient health to doctors to help them track chronic diseases and remind them to health crisis to quickly respond quickly when medical emergencies.

AI helps identify the abnormal pattern in massive data concentration, and send alerts when the situation deviates from the observed specification. Therefore, it can identify anomalous mode earlier and faster and more accurately. Enterprises can use AI to identify and alleviate potential risks, help companies avoid high-level downtime, improve operational efficiency and improve product and service.

Aiot Application

Four main AIOT application types are:

wearable device: such as smart watch, enhanced / virtual reality (AR / VR) And wireless earplugs.

Smart home application: such as smart home appliances and home security;

smart grid, street light, public transport, other aspects of smart cities;

intelligent industry application, For example, autonomous manufacturing robots, automated supply chain management and predictive maintenance.

Internet of Things device includes sensors that can collect many different types of data, such as temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, vibration, and sound. Almost infinite combinations of different semols and many measurement parameters in Aiot will make many applications possible.

Smart Home and Intelligent Building

The Internet of Things sensors mounted around the building can monitor the activities of the person and regulate temperature and lighting to maximize energy efficiency. Aiot also controls the access of the building via facial recognition technology.

The combination of connectors and AI can analyze facial faces for databases to determine who should give access to buildings. Record any identity or abnormal activity and send the alarm to the central hub for decision.

Smart industry

Aiot will accelerate the implementation of mandate-based robots in manufacturing, and widely use digital technology in product design, development and production. In addition, AIOT can also help companies monitor their trucks, ships, or tired fleets, and identify unsafe driver behavior or vehicles that require maintenance. During transportation, AIOT can help maintain critical supply of cold chains, such as medical drugs that are very sensitive to temperatures.

Wisdom Retail

AIOT can provide value to the retail industry in multiple aspects. By using Aiot, the store can monitor supply and demand in the case of unsuitable manual intervention, and supplement the stock accordingly, thereby saving costs. By using the tracking shopper’s camera system with the AI ??analysis, the store can collect information about customer gender and product preferences to tailor-made product recommendations. Smart cameras can help simplify checkout processes and minimize wait time. Aiot control’s autonomous robots can be used to deliver goods.

Smart City

In Smart City, AIOT can help monitor the traffic of UAVs that fly over the city and transmit traffic data. Then, artificial intelligence can analyze the collected data and reduce congestion by adjusting the speed limit and time of the traffic light. The system can also detect and respond quickly and effectively.

In addition, the city with flood problems can install the sensor in the rainwater channel, and collect data for analysis to excrete rainwater or floods. The smart grid can actively manage the energy imbalance in the grid to prevent the spread spread. Of course, the AIOT application in the most attention of smart cities is automatic driving. Many sensors can be installed on the electric car for fleet management to optimize the usage, minimize accidents and improve fuel efficiency.

Security as an industry just needs, it is the most important scene of the AI ??landing, which has become artificial intelligence.

technology has penetrated all aspects of the industry, as an example in the field of security, video surveillance and AI, big data, cloud computing, edge calculation and other techniques are increasingly close. Tsingsee Green Video Focusing AI + Video New Ecology, achieving the full scene, based on the AI ??intelligent analysis of EasyCVR visual video surveillance, integrated AI + video intelligent analysis, big data, and the video surveillance system, can help the city, traffic, Multi-scenes such as security, medical, education achieve visualization.

EasyCVR changes the video into a more valueful information, combined with big data, cloud computing technology, forms a huge resource information library, providing powerful information support and assistance decision support for the industry.

Intelligent medical care

AI can help human active management of chronic diseases to minimize expensive hospitalization. For example, the patient’s data is collected by wearable devices, allowing the doctor to remotely monitor the patient’s vital signs and blood sugar levels in real time. The diagnosis of artificial intelligence assistance will also reduce the doctors’ workload and shorten the time required to obtain medical recommendations. Finally, AR / VR and cross-real technology can be used to train medical students and help patient recover in virtual patients.

Climate change

Climate change may be the biggest challenge in humans. In response, AIOT can be used to make agriculture and renewable energy more intelligence. Farmers can use drones to investigate their crops and determine that they are drought or flooded. Aiot technology can help adjust the water system accordingly. Aiot can also be used to monitor weather and determine plant disease outbreaks. On the other hand, AIOT can be used to manage renewable energy facilities. For example, companies can reduce catastrophic damage or injury in disasters or injuries in the wind turbine or solar power field.

Successfully implemented AIOT standard

In addition to the big data collected by the Internet of Things and AI, 5G is critical to the success of AIOT. A functional 5G network is required to transmit a lot of data collected from the IOT device. For example, during remote surgical procedures, real-time streaming video is required to ensure the safety and surgery of patients. In any case, data standardization is essential. The AI ??algorithm is only as good as the obtained data. The lack of data standards will result in landfill.

In addition, there is an aspect of AI ethics. The existing report indicates that gender discrimination and racial discrimination in the algorithm, such as image recognition software to identify non-Caucasus face accuracy accuracy. This prejudice may even endanger life when the software cannot accurately diagnose a particular group of patients.

Data scientists must be cautious and avoid prejudice; in addition, the massive data sets that are also attractive to data scientists and hackers must also be protected. International standardization of cybersecurity will be a construction step.

In addition, the cost of hardware (mainly high performance CPU chips) will become a major bottleneck in Aiot development. Finally, we must solve the balance between energy consumption and analysis performance between the IoT device level. Edge calculation is a potential solution that will become more intelligent. One day, artificial intelligence will be used to help people manage all of these Internet of Things.

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