Application and future of CNC machining center

cnc machining services

cnc machining services
cnc machining services
Generally speaking, high speed and high precision are the key technical indicators of cnc machining center controller applications. Mpc08 mainly completes point motion control, can quickly and accurately locate and drill down, and then can quickly move to a certain position after leaving the PCB surface during lifting, thereby greatly improving the working efficiency of CNC drilling machines for PCBCN machining centers. The highest output frequency of mpc08 is 4MHz, which meets the high-speed requirements of PCB drilling machines. In traditional machining, ordinary machine tools are operated manually.

When machining, shake the machine by hand to cut the metal, and measure the accuracy of the product with the eyes and calipers. Modern industry has long used computer numerically controlled machine tools for operations. CNC machining services can automatically process any product and part according to the program pre-programmed by the technician. This is what we call “NC machining”. NC machining is widely used in various machining fields, and it is the development trend of mold machining and an important necessary technical means. With the development of miniaturization and miniaturization of electronic products, PCBs have increasingly higher requirements for via hole diameter, line width and line spacing. Therefore, the CNC system of PCBCNC machining center is developing in the direction of high speed, high precision, high reliability, system integration, flexibility and intelligence. The PCB drilling machine needs a large number of IO channels to monitor the status of various equipment and control output signals. Each mpc08 motion control card can control 16 universal inputs and 16 universal outputs, and has 17 dedicated input channels.

It can also be used when it is not needed. Changed to a general-purpose input channel, which fully meets the PCB drilling machine for I / O channels. cnc machining services is a fully automatic and efficient production equipment that 5 axis cnc machining integrates sawing, planing, drilling, milling, sanding, edge banding, edging and other processes. After the benchmark is set once, it is controlled digitally by the computer to complete multiple processes.

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