5-axis Machining Requirements In China Cnc Shop

The 5-axis machining factory introduces professional processing modules to realize the visualization of the technology, and at the same time greatly reduces the difficulty of the five-axis machining, and greatly improves the efficiency. After the intelligent operation, the manual participation is reduced, the product quality is improved, and the parameter setting is made. The workload is greatly reduced, and there is a corresponding reminder page to prevent processing deviation. The working requirements for five-axis machining are listed below.

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It is reported that the industrial optimization of the five-axis processing factory can make the five-axis machining be completed between the fingers, and the various components processing and edge processing realize the quick-fixing. In the processing strategy of the five-axis processing manufacturers, the processing is concentrated as much as possible, especially for the marginal processing. The transformation work is perfect, so it also makes the processed parts meet the special application. The five-axis machining manufacturer claims that only the comprehensive requirements can guarantee the precision of the machining.

2.Concise and concise

In the early 5-axis machining, the entry threshold was high, and the requirements for technicians were extremely high. Except for the experience of the industry, it was almost impossible for the outsiders to process, and the five-axis processing manufacturers said that they should ensure the processing. The quality must be concise and the parameters should be reduced, so that the operation page can be optimized to reduce the difficulty of the process. Although the five-axis machining is still supported by technical processes, it must be said that the concise processing program is its research direction.

3. The data is universal

In the past, there was no strict regulation on the data of five-axis alloy machining services and even no limitation on CAD data. However, a wide variety of five-axis processing manufacturers said that the versatility of data is the future development direction, because data and processing strategies need to be compatible. At the same time, data is an important auxiliary for product processing. Only by realizing the generalization of data can we avoid bottlenecks. For example, general data can make round nose and taper knives higher quality.

Five-axis machining manufacturers say that if you want to achieve high-quality five-axis machining, you must do the above. For some five-axis machining in the harsh sense, you need to optimize the speed. Although the five-axis machining is characterized by speed, it is processed. The input mode parameters of the module also affect the speed, so the overall large speed increase is the hard requirement of the machining.

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