3 Advantages of Office 365 Training for Enterprise IT Ops Personnel

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Microsoft office 365 is a suite of software services offered by Microsoft primarily targeted towards corporate clients and educational institutions. Microsoft Office 365 offers the whole Microsoft Office productivity software suite as well as other services that offer a competitive edge to enterprises, such as business-class email, shared calendar, OneDrive storage, instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, and file sharing. Office 365 offers a one-stop shop for all productivity software needs of an enterprise. Apart from these offerings, Office 365 has a simple web-based interface that is streamlined and optimized for straightforward deployment. What’s more? All these services are in the cloud, which means instant access to Office 365 anywhere for all users working in the enterprise.

What makes Office 365 so successful is its immensely useful and practical product line as well as the benefits it provides to IT professionals and the Office 365 training courses it offers to IT Ops Personnel. Some of these benefits listed below.

Shifting to the cloud

Shifting to the cloud is a complex task that requires a lot of time and effort as well as in-depth knowledge and expertise of the cloud ecosystem. For enterprises shifting to the cloud, it is imperative that they have experts in Office 365 system on their team. IT Ops personnel work with IT applications teams and configure, install and run such systems in conjunction with the enterprise. Office 365 certification training provides key insights, in-depth knowledge of the cloud ecosystem, ways to deploy it in an efficient manner as well as best industry practices. With Office 365 training IT Ops personnel can be equipped with the skills that allow them to make full use of the potential in cloud-based Microsoft Office 365 suite. Office 365 training further enhances their skills by familiarizing them with the interface of Office 365. These things allow for a more effective workforce. With IT Ops personnel properly trained, they can shift the operations of their enterprise to the cloud and implement Office 365 to their platform with increased efficiency and effectiveness. This means that the productivity of the workforce increases, reducing the need for the extensive workforce as well as the time and costs associated with migration to the cloud.

Sharing of responsibilities with IT Ops teams

The job of IT Ops teams includes deployment and smooth running of IT services and platforms operating within the enterprise. This means that IT Ops personnel are constantly working towards optimizing their platform, resolving faults that occur all the while finding ways to mitigate chances of future malfunctions and ensuring the security and integrity of the system. Office 365 is a service that takes a huge pressure off of the shoulders of IT Ops personnel. Office 365 is a huge service that caters to corporate clients of all sizes. This means that they can ensure integrity and security as well as the smooth operation of their service. Such a large-scale experience and Office 365’s years of experience in serving clients means that Microsoft can ensure reliability and responsiveness of their system. Because Office 365 has designed its interface in an effective and straightforward way, this platform can be deployed and maintained with relative ease. Office 365 training trains IT Ops Personnel in various optimization strategies that further enhance the effectiveness of Office 365. This training equips them with the resources and skills that can be used to focus on improving Office 365 experience on their end. It has been statistically proven that the Office 365 interface reduces the need for tech support amongst users. Some enterprises have reported a reduction of as much as 43% in the need for IT support among users since their migration to Office 365. This frees up time and workforce and budget for IT Ops personnel to invest in other activities.

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Ensure competitiveness and the system that they maintain

IT professionals may be familiar with the tools they are working with and interfaces that they have to interact with. But when these tools are deployed over a large scale, such as that of an enterprise, the dynamics of systems being deployed the change. Although IT professionals with knowledge of Office 365 can run basic systems, there is so much more that entails in a competitive IT Ops team’s job. IT Ops personnel can greatly benefit from Office 365 training by learning the abovementioned skills. But one factor that is extremely important in the long-term sustainability of the business is the feasibility of expansion. As businesses grow the need for scaling of operations does too. Office 365 training equips IT Ops personnel with the skills needed to expand and grow the service that they use in an effective manner. Moreover, Office 365 training also provides valuable insights about strategies as well as industry practices about keeping the Office 365 service secure at all times. With data of significance and private information of users up in the cloud, security and integrity of the system are of utmost importance. Although Microsoft ensures its foolproof security systems, Office 365 training is key in making the whole system secure on the IT Ops team’s end.

The importance of Office 365 training cannot be overstated as it provides key insights, in-depth knowledge, and various optimization strategies for enterprise IT Ops Personnel. Once these IT Ops Personnel has attained Office 365training, they are equipped with the skills necessary in implementing and ensuring the smooth running of the whole Office 365 system, as well as providing better support for the end-users by constantly optimizing the Office 365 platform. In a review for Microsoft Office 365 for business, Ed Bott from ZDNet says “Office 365 includes a management dashboard that administrators can use to manage licenses, subscriptions, features, and security. That console can be overwhelming, and even then some features can only be managed through PowerShell commands. Even in small organizations, it’s crucial to have a skilled Office 365 administrator who can manage users and configure security options properly.”

The complexities of maintaining such an extensive service are substantial, no matter how straightforward the service may try to be, for it to be fully useful and as much practical as Microsoft Office 365 is for businesses, Office 365 training is essential for IT Ops personnel working with Office 365.

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