Do You Know What the Hole in the Coffee Bean Packaging Is?

If you often buy freshly roasted coffee beans yourself, you will find that there is a button-like object on the back of the coffee bean packaging, which may have a small hole called a gas valve.

The purpose of this device is to let the carbon dioxide out of the coffee bean packaging, because the freshly roasted coffee beans must be vented, and the more appropriate statement feels like breathing.

The function of the gas valve is to help the carbon dioxide of the coffee bean to be discharged. Therefore, for the coffee bean, the gas valve is a device that allows the air to flow out, effectively slowing the aging of the coffee bean.

Do You Know What the Hole in the Coffee Bean Packaging Is

Fresh coffee beans release carbon dioxide

In the process of roasting coffee beans, the carbon dioxide in the coffee beans is released, but most of the carbon dioxide remains in the coffee beans, so the coffee beans slowly discharge the internal gas for about two weeks after baking.

At this time, if the bag containing the coffee beans does not have a gas valve to assist the venting, the coffee beans in the coffee bean packaging will continue to vent, and the bean bag will be over-expanded. If the storage environment causes squeezing, it may cause the bean bag to burst, thus destroying the preservation of the coffee beans. (It may take a long time or a few days for you to discover that the coffee beans have deteriorated because they are exposed to the air.)

Air damage to coffee quality

As mentioned at the beginning, the air valve of the coffee bag is a device that only goes out, that is, a one-way air valve. The function of the air valve, in addition to the gas that discharges the coffee beans, prevents the outside air from penetrating into the bean bag and affects the quality of the coffee beans.

We are in oxygen, humidity, temperature, which will shorten the best taste of coffee beans, while destroying the quality of coffee beans. Therefore, it is very important to discharge the internal gas without allowing air to enter.

Squeeze the bean bag and smell it?

It should be noted that when the carbon dioxide is discharged, the aroma of the coffee beans will be released in a large amount, which is why when we squeeze the coffee bag, we can smell a very good aroma from the air valve, but this smelly action is not a bean bag. The original design of the valve, because these carbon dioxide is actually one of the elements to keep the coffee beans fresh, the air pressure inside the bag can also help to raise the beans, and the extrusion action will also make the aroma of the coffee beans lose, affecting the quality of the coffee beans, so Try to avoid squeezing the coffee bag and smelling it.

Coffee Bean Packaging Air valve

In addition, the gas valve is also of high quality and low quality. When purchasing, you can confirm the gas valve used by the bean bag with the store, which can effectively maintain the freshness of the coffee!

Summary of the function of the valve

1.Moisture-proof: The coffee beans are kept dry and fragrant, and the moisture in the air does not run into the bag.

2.Buffering:When the coffee bean bag is impacted or dropped from a high place, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way exhaust valve, reducing the impact of residual gas in the bag and preventing the package from bursting.

3.Exhaust: After the coffee is baked, it can effectively remove the carbon dioxide in the bag and avoid the bursting of the package.

In addition, some people may have the experience of flying with coffee beans. You will find that the coffee bean bag has dried up when you get off the plane, like the packaging state of vacuum rice, which will also affect the flavor and preservation of fresh coffee, because the cabin The pressure will squeeze out the air from the coffee bean bag. At this time, just put the gas valve on the tape first, then put it into the zipper bag to protect the coffee beans with a layer of protection. Try it next time to see if it works!

Our coffee bags are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors for coffee packaging. coffee bean packaging can also be customized according to your coffee brand.

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Custom Coffee Bags Process

How to light the product? In fact, it is to make the outer packaging eye-catching, whether you are a baked bean cooker, a coffee shop manager or a coffee bean trader, when your sales reach a certain amount, you will want to abandon the general packaging bag of the bad street, customized to match the brand. Targeted product packaging is a problem you must consider.

Custom Coffee Bags Process

The professional flexible packaging manufacturer Jiecheng Packaging is now coming to the process of custom coffee bags.


Generally, the order quantity is 30,000. The order quantity is calculated based on the length of a roll of printed film. The size of the printed film on the market is usually 8000m/r-12000m/r, which is the size of a 1 lb. coffee bag. It is about 30,000 or so. The smaller the number of custom coffee bags, the greater the loss rate, which means that the order quantity determines the increase or decrease of the unit price, of course, it can also be 10,000 sets. After all, please contact the local tyrants.

2.The Bag Type


The bag is composed of a front, a back and a bottom. It is three-dimensional and can stand. It can be installed with a self-sealing zipper for repeated opening and a one-way venting valve. The opening is wide, and it is convenient to take coffee beans, and the price is relatively affordable.

Doypack, It is three-dimensional and can stand

Flat bottom bag

A more popular bag type in recent years, the appearance is generous, consisting of the front, back, two sides and a square bottom. Because the side can be unfolded, this bag has the advantages of small volume and large capacity, and the transportation and storage efficiency is greatly improved. A self-sealing zipper and a one-way venting valve can also be added. Because the bag making process is more complicated and cumbersome, the price is relatively high. If the brand has a higher market position and is equipped with fine beans, this bag type is the best choice.

Custom Coffee Bags Process What is it

Gusset bag

A very traditional bag, many old European and American brands still use this bag. The advantage is that it is suitable for a large number of coffee beans, and the packaging of more than 1kg is generally more secure. After packing, the bottom is folded to have the function of standing. It is also possible to install a one-way exhaust valve, and the price is relatively affordable compared to the octagonal sealing bag.

Custom Coffee Bags Process What is it

3.The Size of the Bag

  • The size of the bag consists of bag width, bag height, and bottom width (bottom width = side width).
  • The variety of coffee beans and the depth of the baking, usually the deep-roasted coffee beans will be larger than the shallow drying volume, so the same is a pound, the required size is not the same.
  • From the design considerations or personal preferences, it is necessary to distinguish whether you like to put a lot of space on the coffee beans after filling the coffee beans or say that you like not much more than just a good look.

4.After the bag type and size are determined, there are 4 important items to be determined.

One-way exhaust valve: At present, Jiecheng provides two kinds of air valves for customers to choose. One is to add a filter, the other is a common one-way exhaust valve without a filter. The former is more expensive than the latter. Need to choose.

Custom Coffee Bags One-way exhaust valve

Easy to tear: one side or both sides

Customized coffee bag easy to tear

Zipper: Ordinary self-sealing zipper and single-sided easy-to-peel zipper: For the octagonal sealing bag of the small bag mouth, the ordinary self-sealing zipper is inconvenient to install, but the cost is low; the one-side easy-to-break zipper is suitable for the bean and the ordinary self-sealing zipper. The difference is higher cost.

custom coffee bags of self-styled zipper

Material and thickness: The material of the bag is determined according to the specific product. The coffee beans are sensitive to internal and external factors such as oxygen, moisture, ultraviolet light and carbon dioxide after baking. Therefore, the custom coffee bags must have a high-performance isolation layer, which is usually required. Three or more layers are composited, which is completed by a film + pure aluminum foil / aluminized film + base film. At the same time, with the increasing popularity of environmental protection, the global promotion of packaging is recyclable and lightweight, and Jiecheng responds to the call to design a reasonable packaging solution for customers.

The common structure of custom coffee bags packaging consists of three layers

If all of the above elements are fixed, please tell your designer about the idea. After designing, please send us the design draft. After calculating the plate making fee required for printing, we can provide you with a precise quote for the custom coffee bags. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Fast Sincere.

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Summary of CCIE RS Certification exam

When summing up the CCIE exam, the mentality should be relaxed. Many people think that the exam is very difficult, and they are not sure and confident. In fact, the exam is just the practice of the exam. A lot of practice is definitely no problem, but there must be a lot of practice. Every lab is integrated, and the stage of practicing the version is actually the fastest growing stage. It is much more than the growth of CCIE theory, because many technical points and theories can only be understood in the process of practicing the version.

The so-called meeting is not difficult, this is not the case, but the CCIE 400 101 exam  dumps will only become more and more difficult today (Cisco itself also began to control the pass rate) but the identity of passing the exam is unparalleled. The sense of accomplishment that can be achieved in a short period of time and the joy that can be gained through a long period of effort are not the same, just like playing a few hours to win a game and learning to achieve CCIE’s sense of accomplishment and joy is complete. Different, the latter kind of sweetness that has been hard to work for a long time will bring enough satisfaction and confidence to yourself.

There is no conflict between work and exams. I am also a person who has worked for nearly 10 years. The experience of learning the truth and the intensity of work are not as good as those of young people who have just entered the job. The memory is obviously not as good as before, but the advantage is that Relatively rich work experience and good understanding ability, this is actually very important, so for the veteran of the workplace, the test of CCIE is the icing on the cake, you have a strong learning ability, and it really takes years of work experience to become strong. And always maintain the attitude of learning, this is very valuable and must rely on time to accumulate.

Some people say that there will be conflicts in time between exams and work. If you want to take a successful exam, you must temporarily stop your work and concentrate on the exam. I am not convinced. I am also a CCIE who I have taken during my work. To tell the truth, I did quit. I was concentrating on the urge to prepare for the exam, but later I did not quit my current job because of some procrastination. Instead, I chose to move on. I used the time of the off-duty and the weekend to practice as much as I could. I finally insisted on it. I feel that I have paid a lot, and when I have practiced enough in the later stage, I will realize the process of changing from quantitative to qualitative. However, if you are not satisfied with the current job, and you plan to change your job 100% after the exam, you can quit your job and concentrate on 1-2 weeks to sprint the exam. This is a multiplier.

All the question is that you should prepare the CCNP RS exam that you have to review the CCNP RS 300 135 dumps with one things. So, you will pass the exam successfully.

Advantages of Spouted Pouches

Spouted pouches is a flexible bag with a horizontal support structure at the bottom and a nozzle at the top or side; its self-supporting structure can stand without any support and whether it can be opened or not.

The self-supporting bag was produced by the French company Thimonier. In 1963, Mr. M. Louis Doyen, CEO of the French company Thimonier, successfully applied for the patent of the stand-up bag. It was widely recognized in the US market in the 1990s, and then Popularized throughout the world.

Advantages of spouted pouch: spouted pouch is a relatively new form of packaging. The biggest advantage compared to the common packaging form is portability; the self-supporting nozzle bag can be conveniently placed in a backpack or even a pocket, and The reduction in content reduces volume and is more convenient to carry.

It has advantages in improving product grade, enhancing shelf visual effects, carrying light, convenient, fresh and sealable. The spouted pouches is laminated by PET/FOIL/PET/PE structure. It can also be made of 2 layers, 3 layers and other specifications. Depending on the product, the oxygen barrier can be added as needed to reduce the penetration. Oxygen rate, extending the shelf life of the product.

At present, the soft drink packaging on the market is mainly in the form of PET bottles, composite aluminum paper bags and cans. In today’s increasingly homogenized competition, the improvement of packaging is undoubtedly one of the powerful means of differentiated competition.

The spouted pouches combines the repetitive packaging of PET bottles with the composite aluminum paper bag. At the same time, it also has the advantages that traditional beverage packaging can’t match in the printing performance. Because of the basic shape of the self-standing bag, the display area of the nozzle bag It is significantly larger than PET bottles and is superior to the type of Tetra Pillows that cannot stand.

Advantages of Spouted Pouches

Of course, since the spouted pouches belongs to the category of flexible packaging, it is not suitable for the packaging of carbonated beverages at present, but it has unique advantages in juice, dairy products, health drinks, jelly foods and the like.

Self-supporting bag nozzle bag packaging is mainly used in juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, sippy jelly, condiments and other products. In addition to the food industry, some detergent products, daily cosmetics, medical supplies and other products are used. It is also gradually increasing.

The spouted pouches is more convenient for pouring or sucking the contents, and can be re-closed and repeatedly opened, which can be considered as a combination of the stand-up pouch and the ordinary bottle mouth. This stand-up pouch is generally used in daily necessities packaging for liquid, colloidal, semi-solid products such as beverages, shower gels, shampoos, ketchup, cooking oils, and jelly.

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What is the Role of Food Packaging Bags?

What is the role of food packaging bags? To understand the role of packaging bags, we must first understand what is a food packaging bags, which is a container for keeping fresh food and storing food in life.

Let us explain in detail the role of food packaging bags.

Fast Sincere has more than 20 years experience in food packaging bags industry.

1.Protect food from damage

The food stored in the package can be protected by the packaging bag and is not damaged by extrusion, collision, direct sunlight and the like. The food packaging bags can block the air, water vapor and other gases from entering the package, which can effectively protect the quality of the food and prevent the deterioration of the food.

2.Increase customer’s desire to buy

The good or bad of a packaging design directly affects the customer’s desire to buy this food. The food displayed on the shelf generally has no outstanding features and will not be purchased. Therefore, the quality of the packaging design seriously affects consumers. The purchase or not, a good packaging design mainly includes pattern + text combination, not only can attract consumers here, but also let him understand the benefits of choosing to buy, this time the text should be prominent. The packaging design can greatly increase the sales volume of the merchants and bring more benefits to the merchants.

3.Can establish an excellent brand

Why is the food packaging bag able to establish a good brand? That is because the bag can print the things you want, then what can highlight the brand of the business, nothing more than the pattern + text, an important part of the printed LOGO, with More and more kinds of packaging appear, innovative packaging bags are also indispensable. If you want to grab more customers

What is RFID playing cards

RFID and NFC card, tag and reader producer DO RFID tag manufacturer developed RFID playing cards that could be used to connect users to Internet-based games. such as sports trading cards, playing cards and game cards.

This NFC-enabled playing cards for use in casinos, most commonly to enable a casino’s software to identify cards during tournaments. Poker tournaments are often aired online or are televised for audiences, and information about the cards in play during poker games is displayed for viewers. Since the cards are played face down on the table, casinos have traditionally placed cameras under glass tabletops to identify each card. Now, some casinos are using the NFC chips built into playing cards to accomplish the same task.

DO RFID tag manufacturer produced NFC-enabled playing cards, the same size as traditional playing cards, but it is cheaper for a high technology playing cards, we make the cards affordable to every consumer.

RFID poker cards are not only for televised poker games but also to enable users to access games online by tapping a collectible or trading card against their NFC-enabled phones. <a href=”“></a> users could also physically share or trade collectible cards for digital gaming with friends. Each card’s RFID tag ID number would be stored along with data regarding the level of gameplay attained by that card’s owner.

Casinos using NFC-tagged cards during poker tournaments to prevent cheating. RFID tags embedded in trading cards—including those for sports athletes or other collectibles that are traded among friends—to track where a card has been around the world. (By tapping the card against a smartphone, an individual could add his or her own location and then trade that card with a friend.) In collectible-card games, players often battle each other with creature cards. The creatures’ abilities change based on a dice roll. However, if data were stored inside a card’s NFC RFID tag, that card would be able to carry a history and “personality” that other players could then access using their NFC-enabled phones. For instance, players can name and train their creatures, which can then “level up” and do battle, and they can either take advantage of training or sustain damage, die or be revived. In addition, with NFC-tagged cards, players would no longer need to be in the same room in order to battle each other. Instead of using a game board, players would utilize NFC-enabled phones to read those cards’ RFID tags, and all of the action would be conducted via the Internet. The only physical aspects of the game would be the cards and the phones used to read their tags. Cards with NFC can be recognized instantly and automatically in the background. Players can just play the game.

DO RFID tag manufacturer produced the NFC playing cards and RFID readers for any NFC championship game. Contact our expert right now.

My Best CCIE RS Certification Experience

I started preparing for the CCIE exam in January 2018. The first year is to learn, review, and consolidate some CCIE theoretical and experimental courses. I started practicing lab in August, and lasted for 17 months. I finally passed the CCIE exam in Beijing in April 2019, number CCIE#61833. Although this number is very late, it is also a year for myself. A recognition on the digital channel is still very happy.

First of all, let’s talk about the exam. The exam and the actual work are completely different. The technical content of the exam is very old and very narrow, but it is very deep. It takes a lot of effort to master all of it. The lab stage is practiced day and night. It is certain that nothing can be done during this time. The practice, during the weekend of the week are all the time to practice, other activities are really suspended. As far as the current version of CCIE5.0 is concerned, the amount is really too big. It is really not easy for people who can persist. I basically do 4 hours of lab exercises in the latter day, and 8 hours per day on weekends. Exercise. The lab of the current 5.0 exercise is roughly as follows:

Lab a total of 5 sets lab1, lab1+, lab2, lab2+, lab3 (increasing geometric difficulty)

TS has 7 sets of TS1 (3 in 1), TS1+, TS2, TS2+, TS2++

DIAG 9 sets D1, D1+, D2, D2+, D2++, D3, D3+, D3++, D3+++

The lab part is the most difficult, and the time consumed is also the longest. At the beginning of the period, a set of lab takes about 2 weeks to complete the knockout, and the correct rate of the previous knock is also low, and the level of the test is 4 hours. After knocking out and the correct rate is above 90%, TS can be easier (just relative) to Lab, but it also requires a lot of practice to get familiar with it. DIAG needs pure memory. It takes a week before this test. More than enough.

The examination is divided into three parts: the above LAB, TS, DIAG, each part of the score must be more than 80% to pass this part, and the total score of the three parts must be added to reach more than 80% of the total score. Exams, that is to say, if the three divisions pass, but the total scores do not reach the pass line, they can’t pass the exam. Therefore, it is necessary to take a high score to be insured as much as possible. After all, the examination fee is very expensive and the energy is a lot of effort. If you can’t pass your confidence in one time, it will be very big. Let’s go to the exam. I went to the Beijing test room. I took the test on the 8th floor of Yintai Building C. It started at 8:00 in the morning and ended at 4:30 in the afternoon (TS has 2.5 hours, DIAG half an hour, and the rest of the time LAB). 15 minutes of meal time (examiner will bring meals, lunch is tasted in general). There are no restrictions on the number of entrances and exits in the middle of the exam. 

The questions I got on the day were TS2+, DIAG2, LAB3, and the TS and DIAG parts ended very smoothly. Part of the demand for multicast is stuck, because the problem of BGP routing can not be caused. After trying various solutions, it still can’t be solved. It simply restarts several devices, which leads to the demand point that was completed before. There was an error in the test phenomenon (because the BGP route converges slowly after the device restarts and resumes after the convergence is completed). It is considered to be the examiner TR. Later, if there is no problem, it will be automatically restored after waiting for a while. Khan), but the problem of multicast still can’t be solved. I can only give up this point and bite the bullet.

 Later, when I came home and performed the same configuration discovery in the practice environment, it was achievable, so it was suspected that the virtual machine in the examination room caused some unknown problems. There is also a small episode in the middle that is the examiner TR (generally TR is around 2:30 pm), so I found it in time and checked it out. Out of the examination room, I rushed to catch the high-speed rail, because the multicast problem was not fixed, plus the lack of time is not enough to check again if there are other points being examined by the examiner TR, my heart is a bit uneasy all the way, good to 9: At the time of 30, the result showed PASS, which put a hanging heart down.

If you want to passed the exam successfully. you can review with CCNP r&s 300 115  Dumps from  that will help passed exam at first attempt. But you can get the comptia CDIA 225 30 dumps that is the most valid one.

NINE processes of metal stamping, explain the stamping process by step

The stamping process is often confusing when the metallurgical process required for the product is determined by a stamping plant that is just getting started or a customer who is not very familiar with stamping.

Sipxmach recommends that when selecting a metal stamping process, priority is given to:

  • Impact of stamping process on product function
  • Specific design or functional requirements
  • Production time and cost
  • Suitable stamping sequence

Then goes this article body

1. Blanking

Punching and blanking in

Punching(pirecing) and blanking

When required, blanking is the first step of the stamping process.
It cut the larger sheet metal or coils into small pieces, to get manageable pieces.

In addition, blanking is also the last step of the stamping process, usually performed when a stamped metal piece be formed.
It separates the useful parts from the scrap, or it cuts the final product from the entire metal strip (common in progressive die stamping).

  • Fine blanking
    SipxMach Knight methods-7steps you must know find the best supplies-[especially for find metal stamping parts-deep drawing, fineblanking factory] image 36

    Fine blanking is a specialized form of blanking where there is no fracture zone when shearing.
    This allows the process to hold very tight tolerances, and perhaps eliminate secondary operations.
    Materials that can be fine blanked include aluminium, brass, copper, and carbon, alloy, and stainless steels.

2. Piercing(Punching)

If the stamping part requires slots, holes, or other cutouts, we can use piercing(also called punching).
Piercing can be performed simultaneously with blanking, punches down the sheet metal in the shape of hole into waste basket.

  • Perforating
    Perforating is a piercing tooling that involves punching a large number of closely spaced holes.

3. Drawing(metal stamping)

Metal stamping supplies, all metal stamping

Metal stamping parts

Drawing is the main stamping process in all.
Through the pressure action of the punch, the basic shape of the stamping parts is blanked out.

4. Deep drawing(deep drawn)

Deep drawn boxes made in China deep draw stamping companies

Deep drawn boxes and companies

When the depth of the part is less than the primary opening, it is considered shallow drawing.
When the depth of the part is greater than the opening are deep drawing.

5. Lancing


Lancing is a piercing operation in which the workpiece is sheared and bent with one strike of the die.
A key part of this process is that there is not reduction of material, only a modification in its geometry.

This operation is used to make tabs, vents, and louvers.

6. Bending


Obviously, bending means bending the metal at the desired angle.
The part after drawing, place it on a specially designed die and pushes against the part, get a required bend.

Because after bending, the structure and shape of stamping parts is easy to be destroyed by other stamping process, bending is after drawing.

  • Air Bending. (flat bending)
    Air bending is bending the flat surface of a part, often V-shaped. Leave a space between the punch and die larger than part thickness, and its bend will relaxes slightly when be released.
    Air bending uses less power and pressure than other bending methods.
  • Bottoming and Coining. (High strength bending)
    Use anywhere from two to 30 times the pressure, and force the stamping parts fully into a tight-fitting die, get more permanent bend.
  • Notchingnotching and bendingNotching can be a beneft of a bending. Such as bending a corner in sheet or joining two tubes at a tee joint, notching one to fit closely to the other.

7. Forming

Forming creates the parts with multiple bends, such as U-bends and W-style in one step.
Draw a box is also forming process, it use more than 4 bending edge into a metal cuboid.

8. Trimming


trimming is a process of cutting excess material around the perimeter of a part. It is often used to cut deep drawn cups or pools excess round edge from the part body.

9. Flanging


Flanging is bending the metal plate along a straight line or curve more than 90°, is a special bending process.

In some cases, flanging is also used instead of trimming to deal with the edges of stamping parts.
In this case, the bending Angle is usually more than 180°, forming a closed U-edge.

9+1. Second-time stamping

A part after all stamping process may have defects on the inside and outside surface, so the parts need to be secondary processed.

  • Shaving
    The shaving process is a finishing operation where a small amount of metal is sheared away from an already blanked part, in order to provide a straight or smooth edge.
    The parts after shaving can be shaved to an accuracy of up to 0.025 mm (0.001 in).  And therefore shaving is frequently performed on instrument parts, watch and clock parts, and the like.
  • Surface treament
    Some stamping parts need to prevent rust or need a smooth appearance, so usually after stamping processing, physical polishing, material spraying or chemical treatment on the surface of the parts

There are many different processes involved in the stamping process, but there is no one best process, or even every process is necessary.

If you know the process well enough, you can better design the details of your stamping products.Minimize the scrap amount of your materials, save your production cost here, and improve the production efficiency while ensuring the quality. Looking forward to your inquiry!

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How many CCIE Lab Exam Locations in World?

What is CCIE? (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) 

CCIE would be considered a technical certification which is a second highest level certification (after CCAr). The CCIE certifies the skills required to design, build, implement, maintain, or troubleshoot complex enterprise networking infrastructures. Depending on the CCIE tracks in several different categories of Cisco technology: Routing & Switching, Service Provider, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, and Wireless. If you wish to have the CCIE Certification, you need to consider a good Lab training, like that offered at the SPOTO Club.

Types of CCIE

There are total six numbers of CCIE certifications. You would be able to attempt Lab Exam after the completion of written exam. CCIE Certifications are valid for 2 years and after every two years, you need to recertify your certification. These are the following Tracks.

CCIE Lab Exam

The lab exams would be considered to be the very most important examination to be cleared. There would be considered various lab exam for different tracks like Routing and Switching, Service Provider, Security, Collaboration, Data Center, Wireless and syllabus for the same courses are different. A lot of practice, hard work, as well as self-study, would be required to crack CCIE lab exam. 

CCIE Lab Format: The 8-hour lab format would be consisting of 3 modules that would desired to be taken during the day of the exam:

Module 1Troubleshooting module (2 hours)

Module 2: Diagnostic Module (1 hour)

Module 3: Configuration Module (5 hours)

CCIE Lab locations

There CCIE Lab Locations are situated in total nine (9) permanent worldwide and various Mobile locations for some fixed dates and time.

For the candidates who are working from India, the nearby places would be “Bangalore, India

SipxMach shows the metal stamping history

Sipxmach was found in2012, and the oldest stamping engineers is more than 25years’ stamping work experience. He shares the history of stamping technology improvements in China.

1. Manual stamping

sheet metal with hand forming
sheet metal with hand forming

The occluded gap of the stamping part needs to be cut by the staff with scissors.
The edge line needs to be marked manually with a cutting needle or compass.
And the edges and body surfaces needs to be struck with a wood square rule and a metal hammer.

The final size accuracy can only reach about 1mm, and the highest technical standard of the stamper can only reach the level of hammering with no visual surface marks.

2. Hydraulic sheet metal shear and hydraulic stamping machine

Hydraulic sheet metal shears
Hydraulic sheet metal shears

The processing of stamping parts is less effort than manual stamping.

The surface quality of stamping parts is basically even and the appearance is exquisite.

3. CNC plate shearing machine and CNC bending machine

Compound die stamping
Compound die stamping

The bending accuracy of the stamping parts reaches 0.1°, and the dimension progress advances to 0.1mm.

No trapezoidal screw and thread need to be repeatedly positioned and adjusted, which can save the whole stamping time and improve the punching speed and efficiency.

4. Progressive die stamping and composite die stamping

CNC hydraulic sheet metal shears
CNC hydraulic sheet metal shears

According to the need, blanking, flanging, punching, marking graphic and other stamping processes can be completed in one stamping machine.

The cost is saved, and the appearance and positioning of the same batch of stamping products are more consistent

5. Automatic feeding and servo robot

Automatic input of sheet metal materials, automatic transfer of stamping parts, and automatic separation of scrap and collection of finished products.

Further improve the stamping efficiency, so that large quantities of products orders need to reduce the size of stamping factory.

So, we’re not going to stop making progress, and we’re going to keep making technological improvements.
In order to better output quality stamping products, your every delivery task will become our technical experience.

Sipxmach stamping company promises that every time the product is taken seriously and will be done with the best solution.

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