Reevaluating the Toxicity of Semiconductor Manufacturing

When it comes to producing critical electronics, it's crucial to consider costs beyond monetary investment. Worker safety is essential in manufacturing. Unfortunately, many microelectronics manufacturing processes involve toxic chemical elements that can pose health hazards.   <img src="" style="border:1px solid rgb(205, 205, 205); height:206px; width:600px" alt="Reevaluating the Toxicity […]

u-blox’s Key to Centimeter-level GNSS Precision? “Real-time Kinematic Corrections”

A partnership between ArduSimple and u-blox is aiming to .   The multi-band GNSS receiver from u-blox offers high-precision positioning in a 17 x 22 x 2.4 mm package. Image used courtesy of   Last week u-blox released details on the partnership, illuminating the key […]

The antenna is a kind of converter that transforms the guided wave propagating ON the transmission line into an electromagnetic wave propagating in an unbounded medium (usually free space), or vice versa. A component used in radio equipment to transmit or receive electromagnetic waves. Engineering […]

Tech Giants Enter Their Chips in the Race for Self-driving Cars

ADAS and other autonomous driving technologies can apply automatic braking, park your car, adapt cruise control to road conditions, monitor blind spots, watch out for pedestrians, and more. These advanced functions are the result of innovations in embedded technology and chip design.  To achieve the very best […]

Will Google’s Soli Radar Chip Revitalize Consumer Sleep Technology?

Most people spend about 25% to 33% of their lifetime sleeping. Since sleep quality strongly correlates with productivity, mood, and hygiene, sleep technology—specifically wearables—has a booming market presence.    Different types of sleep monitoring technology. Image used courtesy of   In contrast to , , wearable […]

ARMv9: the Long-awaited High-Performance Computing Architecture

After a decade of revisions to the ARMv8 architecture, . The ARMv9 provides the processor capability for specialized computing in AI and ML, enhanced security, and the , which uses a “system-wide” approach to optimizing system-on-a-chip (SoC) performance.  According to the , the ARM architecture's future in […]

“The Space Race of Our Time:” EU Follows U.S. and China’s Dash for Domestic Chips

The European Commission (EC) recently proposed a plan, dubbed , to increase Europe's global contribution to semiconductor manufacturing by 2030. This proposal comes at a time when there have been significant supply failings within the global chip industry with even the biggest chipmakers failing to meet demand […]

Qualcomm’s Processors Are in High Demand—and Short Supply

Around this time last year, the market saw a huge uptick in . At the same time, automotive companies were ramping up chip demand for vehicle production. As work-from-home orders taper and automotive production crescendos in 2021, .   <img src="" style="border:solid 1px #CDCDCD; height:394px; width:700px" […]